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  • Trioxhydre is a cool pokemon. Even though I guess I like cuteness best..

    I wish they'd give me more time to diside D: I REALLY don't like making tough choices like this soo fast.

    And chances are if I end up with a name I don't like I won't wanna come on here much...
    I still dun really know if I wanna be called Trioxhydre but I still have a few days to diside. I do love that Hydreigon, though.

    But I also like being named after light, cute stuff XD Although I guess Hydreigon make's me happy cuz he's a cool pokemon and i typically understand pokemon anyways :) (also btw i'm an aspie and do you wanna b my friend?^^)
    actually the thread had a downfall on aug 2010,after dp ended.another on feb 2012(after dp special) and another after jun 2011(an amazing member left)
    the thread almost died in jan 2012,so i decided to join :)
    feb march 2012 was good,but april 0_0
    never expected the thread to receive so many new members.
    the pearl thread 3.0 is a masterpiece,so many great thinkers,you should see when dp was still airing posts ^^
    pearl comm now is returning to its former glory...after some huge fall.
    Your welcome dood ^_^ and yeah, quite a few people are active in the thread, and it's got a lot of replies (More than the Poke, Negai, and Advanceshipping ones I think) ^_^
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