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  • Hey Gin! I have this Japanese cards and I have no idea the names of the series, so maybe you can help me out:


    Thanks in advance! ^^
    It's still possible that this is a red herring though right? I mean, after all, we've had doppelgangers/clones before. There was two Ash clones, a May (unnamed flashback) and Dawn (Princess Salvia) look-alike, a Jessie clone (Jessibelle), and a Max clone.

    The recent trailer of her giving him the cloth and him looking absolutely confused, to the one we got last week of her seemingly introducing herself to him seem dis-jointed.
    I'm curious, given you are familiar with with Japanese...is them talking about Serena knowing Ash fall under the category of "uncertain", "maaybee" or is it a "definite" based on what they've said?
    Ah, you are female (never occured to me to check your profile for that). Neat.

    I must say, I like you (and your Signature is just so wonderful). Thank you for all info in these past years.

    Ah, and sorry to bother, of course no need to reply.
    I think that the poster has been seen the poster of the pre-release period where Ash doesn't appear. Remember that in Best Wishes Ash was only revealed to be the main protagonist only after the Sinnoh League ended for him. The promotional material until then only shows Iris and Cilan. Probably the poster has been seen the original poster of the series without Ash.

    Remember that the sketch with Ash in it wasn't meant to be revealed in any place. It was like the Mewtwo form leak two months ago
    This source has been revealed true information before? (Specially on the OP/ED part). Although the fan-art is because the poster think that the girl will be a de-aged protagonist.
    holy crap. please raise your hand if you find it completely hilarious that everyone is flipping out over the idea of turning your 3DS upside down to evolve a pokemon.

    its too hard?? too ridiculous?? you're too lazy for it?? kids can't figure it out? (if it was real) you'd flip it the crap upside down! done! give me that over spending hours raising happiness and beauty stats! good god people! this, from the fandom that records hundreds of hours of random pokemon battles so they can get it on film when they catch a shiny on their 674387837938th repetition! what the hell? physically moving your arms is too much? are you serious? that is the bitter end for you all?

    though i 100% believe if this was a confirmed thing off the official sites, it would be "so amazing, oh my god the best", but since its a rumor on a website, it's apparently the stupidest, hardest thing to do, ever.

    seriously, restore my faith in humanity. show of hands, this is crazy.
    Well said.
    I love how you've made Eriketeru (not sure about the spelling) look like Frilled Lizard in your Sig. It looks really cool!
    "i think the researcher just looks sinister since he resembles a twilight vampire. lol."

    Hahaha yeah that went through my mind as well and I was going to mention how he was alarmingly pale but I decided against it.
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