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  • I just started the whole compeditive thing about two years ago, but I've been kinda lazy with the game. I was trying to get the legends first before I worked on the 'normal' Pokemon. I only have to get two more Pokemon not counting the ones I'm gonna get from another friend.

    I need a Calm Moltres and Bold/Calm Deoxys.
    That's good. :3 What nature?

    Thanks. xD Trying to trade 'em though 'cause I need room for a whole Pokedex full of good natured Pokemon.
    Jolly Gyarados (Hoenn)
    Serious Blaziken (Hoenn)
    Naughty Venasaur (Day-Care)
    Jolly Wailord (Hoenn)
    Jolly Torchic (Day-Care)
    Sassy Combee (Day-Care)
    Bashful Combee (Day-Care)
    Modest Garchomp (Day-Care)
    Adamant Gabite (Wayward Cave)
    Japanese Calm Articuno (Kanto)
    Modest Snorlax (Day-Care)
    Adamant Garchomp (Day-Care)
    Modest Metagross (Day-Care)
    Modest Gyarados (Day-Care)
    Adamant Gyarados (Day-Care)
    Timid Chansey (R 210)
    Modest Togekiss (Day-Care)
    Bold Rhyperior (R 228)
    Adamant Salamence (Day-Care)
    Quirky Salamence (Hoenn)
    Japanese Adamant Moltres (Kanto)
    Mild Articuno (Kanto)
    Gentle Deoxys Speed form (Hoenn)
    Rash Manaphy (Pokemon Ranger)
    I'm much more inactive than I was years ago. I basicly lurk unless a friend/person who wants to trade messages me or if there's a thread that really interests me.

    Murr... I have a TRU Shaymin, but only one. If I could get more, I'd trade you one but.... well you get the point. Sorry. :/

    I have some other legends that I'm trying to get rid of. Mainly 'cause they're the wrong nature.

    I'm still looking for these.

    Articuno: Modest
    Moltres: Calm
    Raikou: Bold (May be getting)
    Entei: Careful
    Lugia: Modest
    Ho-oh: Impish
    Celebi: Modest (May be getting)
    Deoxys (normal): Bold/Calm (May be getting
    Deoxys (attack): Bold/Calm
    Deoxys (speed): Modest
    Manaphy: Modest


    Pokemon I have that I'm willing to trade

    Surfing/Volt Tackle Hardy Pikachu (PBR) (Light Ball attached)
    Japanese Gentle Manaphy (Pokemon Ranger)
    Japanese Gentle Mesprit (R 219)
    Mild Registeel (Hoenn)
    Naive Manaphy (Pokemon Ranger)
    Modest Gyarados (Day-Care)
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