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  • i do have an interest in the following pkmn though if you want more bank balls in return from me then thats fine. i got a few extras that i could trade away to clear up some space in PK bank. i got 46?? possible bank ball pkmn and i got a bit over zealous in the begining with +20 of some female bank balls

    the 2 bank balls im interested are:
    Friend Ball Ralts (Still working on this one)
    Level Ball Sentret

    i can trade you more than 2 bank balls in return. i did sent you a list of my current bank balls but forgot to add these to the list.
    level/heavy ball Kangaskhan
    safari ball shelgon
    friend ball chansey
    all my level ball Growlithe/arcanine are adamant in nature so it shouldn't be an issue. dont worry about transferring the pkmn over. i can still send over the 2 level ball growlithe male and female. i have 5 possible EM for that set: 4 attacks +morning sun.
    i already got all the pkmn that you listed there but ive came across a few 5IV male level ball EM growlithe so far that i can give away for near free. i got some with morning sun and iron tail that are just taking up a bit too much space in my boxes. if you want a 5IV amle then feel free to ask, i can throw in a female level ball growlite too.

    i got alot of the common WT fodder registered for the most part in a few languages.
    i forgot to switch out the statement again but i am looking for non legendary/event foreign pkmn: German (86 missing), French (53 missing), Spanish (43 missing). KOR and ITA pkmn have too many open slots for a list atm. if you have any spare foreign pkmn i need i can trade you bank ball pkmn. i got a list 45??? pkmn long and im currently on a level ball growlithe with morning sun, CC, FB and iron tail. i do have level ball males with crunch.

    i got all non-legendary/event pkmn registered for English and JPN pokedex. if it evolves with lvl up/stone/trade evo then its on my list to get.

    i got 2 extra 5IV-SPA level balls adamant battle bred Growlithe (2 males: 1 flash fire, 1 intimidate) with CC, crunch and Flare blitz EM.
    Don't worry. Even the best sometimes need a reminder!

    Ah. Javascript...that should be interesting! I took a quick look and the syntax looks pretty similiar to Java. Which means it would also be similiar to C++ & C# (pronounced "C sharp").

    If you want a go to explanation for what a variable is, I've got one for you: A variable is a named storage location in the computer's memory. Just like in algebra, a variable can have different values depending on what the problem is. A variable must have 3 components: #1--an identifier (a name), #2--a data type (what you can store in the variable), & #3--a value (what the variable holds). Feel free to use this for explaining what a variable is. Some of what I put down is just what I've learned.
    Just realized that I hadn't responded to your last VM...bad of me, that was...

    Aw, I'm sorry to hear that! Well, just take trust in the Lord day by day, and the Lord will bring the right person into your life if He so desires.

    I know a little of how you feel. What languages are you learning?

    I can't say I remember you mentioning this before, but I'm glad to hear that you've found a paying job!
    Well, I hope you find an appropriate time to ask her out. And things going on that were brought upon you by yourself? I hear ya, man.

    Well, I've been back in school since the 22nd of August and I wish things would move a little bit quicker! On the other hand, I do enjoy having less work to do each week!
    Same here. I start back up on Monday with a introductory class on Java, networking fundamentals, and a class on advanced techniques for Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Sound fun?
    Also, that picture in your sig is just perfect for this thread...
    I was waiting for somebody to find the irony that.
    Your welcome.

    and you could have told me it was for a friend! I could have NN'ed it and everything for her, oh well. :> If you see anything else ether in my shop or in a post, don't be afraid to contact me!

    P.S. I wanted the Clamperl to breed the crap out of her for the shop. :> But I do intend on evolving her eventually. XD
    Ready and will be waiting in the WFC.

    Also. As a Promotion from my shop, you get a free egg with our trade. Do you want this egg or not?
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