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Nov 5, 2017
Aug 21, 2006
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Turnabout Pokemon

Super-Staff was last seen:
Nov 5, 2017
    1. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Well, I don't like Ash anymore tbh.
      My favorites are Dawn, Iris, and Misty right now XD
      Oh and Barry and Paul are my favorite rivals and Hunter J would be my favorite villain depending on how Team Plasma and hopefully N are treated
    2. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      Oh i didn't meant to come of as rude or anything. We all have different opinions and perception of things, but even if our thoughts doesn't go in same direction that doesn't mean we can't still have fun and friendly talk. :)

      Perhaps one day we could be friends, and i wish we got chance to meet in more pleasant circumstances.
      But if you don't want its ok, i wont be messaging you again.
    3. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Yeah, same here. I'm hoping they bring back a sidequest for the female character and also make her a co-star like Dawn was, I can't stand just watching for Ash anymore XD
    4. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      That's true, it'd be better if she had her own personality, but feminine like Dawn
    5. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Yeah same here :D. It seems like she would be similar to Dawn
    6. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      Hi, just wanted to say how i respect your disagreement.

      Although statement about "contrived reasoning" can work both ways. :p

      Way i see it you lost faith in writers ability to make characters again worthwhile.
    7. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      I love your Iris avatar :)
      btw do you think the new girl in the gen. 6 games will be in the anime?
    8. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Hello there how are you? Thanks for accepting my friend request :D
    9. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      maybe an outline of some of the characters
    10. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      Maybe, but monthly is probably better.
    11. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      Sweet. I'm sure you'll think of something easy.
    12. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      Ooh sure! I'd love to get more traffic there.
    13. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      Aww. Have anywhere you can go to do it, like a friends house or something? And of course you have to be mindful about scanning just a bit.

      However, you could still do summaries! I think a lot of people want to find out more about Golden Boys, and I know people are interested in the last three volumes of MPJ.
    14. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      Yeah they are. I have a folder for the rare Snatcher Leo comic but there's nothing in it because for some reason I couldn't locate my scans of it.
    15. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      It was TERRIBLE. Movie 3's isn't so bad, and I think it presents the theory that Molly confused her mother with Delia because her own mother's picture is obscured with a large hat and then there's the Delia pic. And movie 4's has Vicious punching Ash in the face, which is awesome. But the art is pretty bad in all of them, and there's no Team Rocket (well, except for Vicious of course, but there's no Trio).
    16. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      They're in the same account. But um...picture movie 2 without Melody, without any reasonable faxamile of Jirarudan (there's a guy who LOOKS like him and claims to have the same name, but he doesn't act anything like him at ALL), and with the only sign that Shamouti exists being that the shrine is there. Also ending halfway through. Also NotJiri winds up under about seventeen tons of steel.
    17. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      You wanted to see Ono's first movie manga? Here ya go. Also have 2, 3, and 4, but they're not very good (2 is especially terrible) and they're by someone else.
    18. Nightning

      Nice to meet you.
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    Favourite Pokémon:
    Just in case you're wondering:

    Favorite anime seasons: IL/OI, BW, XY&Z
    Favorite anime characters: Gary, Giselle, Giovanni, Tracey, May, Max, Drew, Harley, Paul, Barry, Cilan, Iris, Bianca, Georgia, N, Alain, Mairin, Kiawe, Lillie, Professor Kukui
    Favorite OP: Spurt! (JPN), Pokemon World (ENG)
    Favorite ED: Kimi no soba de (JPN)
    Favorite PKMN manga: Pokemon Adventures, Electric Tale of Pikachu, Magical Pokemon Journey
    Favorite PKMN games: Gold/Silver, Black/White
    Favorite game characters: Blue, Giovanni, Wally, Barry, Looker, Cynthia, Bianca, N, Shauntal, Iris, Gladion, Mina, Guzma
    Favorite PKMN movies: Jirachi Wishmaker, Pokemon Heroes, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew