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Nov 5, 2017
Aug 21, 2006
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Turnabout Pokemon

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Nov 5, 2017
    1. Pokemaniac24
      I would say he comes off as evil. He probably doesn't think he is evil though. In the anime, he is taking control of Pokémon and turning them against their trainers. He is controlling Pokémon and making them do what he wants which is what N is against.
    2. Pokemaniac24
      It doesn't look to be that way at all. I heard people say that they don't like how Colress is being portrayed because he is coming off as too evil but that's exactly how I think he should be portrayed.
    3. Pokemaniac24
      I think this person I was talking to was an obvious fangirl. This isn't an N situation where he was tricked by Ghetsis and thinking he was doing the right thing the whole time. This was Ghetsis making a deal with Colress that Colress could bring out the true power of Pokémon if he in exchange would help Ghetsis rule the world. Colress is Ghetsis' right hand man and he is shown that way in the anime as well. I am glad the anime is showing Colress as a villain because that is how he should be portrayed.
    4. Pokemaniac24
      I get annoyed at the people who say, "Colress is not evil! He wants to bring out the true power of Pokemon" SHUT UP. He is working for Neo TP who wants to rule the world and he knows exactly what he was doing the whole time.
    5. Pokemaniac24
      I don't think anyone is trying to deny Ghetsis is evil. They are trying to say that the anime could have him show more emotions. I don't know why the anime would do that though.
    6. Pokemaniac24
      He calls his own step son a freak.
    7. Pokemaniac24
      Let me know what you think. It is awesome. Also, what do you think of the people who try to portray Wonder Woman as really muscular? Do you like that or would you rather she looks more like she does in the animated movie or the TV show?
    8. Pokemaniac24
      I saw the new TMNT episode. It was really good. Probably one of the better episodes this show has had.
    9. Pokemaniac24
      I did ask you that didn't I? XD Speaking of that show, I like it better when Wonder Woman isn't so muscular. In the TV show, she came off as way more feminine and I like that more than a lot of these versions of Wonder Woman that show her as muscular. I think girls relate to her more that way.
    10. Pokemaniac24
      Did you ever see the Wonder Woman TV show with Lynda Carter?

      Ugh. I can't take either of those 2.
    11. Pokemaniac24
      Those men are probably jealous because Wonder Woman is buff enough to lift a car and they can't ;) I'm a man and love Wonder Woman and think she is super awesome and sexy for doing what she can do :)
    12. Pokemaniac24
      I think she did also. And WB doesn't think people will see her? A girl that is stronger than Batman and Superman?! Come on! We need more girl power in these superhero movies in general.
    13. Super-Staff
      lol. I believe she has, too.
    14. Pokemaniac24
      Wonder Woman could kick Batman and Superman's butts any day of the week. I guarantee you that :)
    15. Super-Staff
      Same here. I often wished tha the TRio would not come out at all. And in the movies, I would get annoyed at them bumbling around doing nothing. The only movies they sorta contribute to are 2000 and 4Ever, which even then, felt like the writers scrambling to find something for them to do.

      I've been meaning to get that, the D/P DVD that contains the Tag Battle episodes, and the Orange Islands arcs to own. I find the eps online easily enough, but I like to own stuff on DVD.

      Yes, I love their videos. Even their analysis on really terrible movies are great to watch. And ugh. I mean, like I said before, I can see why they care so much since Bats and Supes are the most famous superheroes of all time...but COME ON.
    16. Pokemaniac24
      The only time the writers knew how to balance serious TR with funny TR is in the OS when Shudo was there. I still feel like Kanto is by far the best season when it comes to their humor. A lot of "humor" in AG and DP didn't come off to me as humor at all especially from people Barry and TRio. In fact, the OS and BW were the only sagas where I was interested in TR. In AG and DP, I cared way more about May, Dawn, Ash, the rivals, the serious villains, etc. so whenever TRio came, I was annoyed because they didn't do anything for me.

      You should definitely but BW on DVD. I am having a great time watching it.

      And yeah, Geekvolution is awesome. Vince and Captain Logan really make good and thought provoking videos and Superhero Rewind is awesome. Captain Logan is really good at analyzing those films. And yeah, DC will always be obsessed with Batman and Superman. It looks like we won't see Diana put on her star spangled bathing suit, crown, lasso, bracelets and belt any time soon :(
    17. Super-Staff
      The problem is that the writers didn't seem to understand balance when it comes to humor, which I think they've improved upon greatly in BW. Like, they don't have Cilan do the 'detective' thing in every episode, for instance. Or have the TRio continue to be shoehorned into all the episodes. Did they take some sort of writers' workshop or something. XD;; The show still could use a lot of improvement, but they are taking it in a better direction, if you ask me.

      Ooh, nice. I've been meaning to buy BW season 1 on DVD. I might this weekend if I can go out (there's a huge snow storm going on here where I'm at).

      I love Geekvolution (especially Superhero Rewind). And yeah, thing is, DC has been releasing a lot of contradictory and confusing statements about their intentions wth the new movie franchise. However, this is what makes most sense for them since they are obsessed with Batman (and Superman) so it makes sense they will do a Batman reboot before any other superhero. Ugh.
    18. Pokemaniac24
      Yeah, anything new from TR is appreciated but I really felt like they didn't get TR right in AG and DP and now they are stepping into the right direction. I mean Jessie as a coordinator was something new but it really had nothing to do with TR at all.

      I am excited as well. I have been waiting for over a month for a new episode of this show! Oh and also, I got the first 2 DVDs of Pokémon Black and White and Wonder Woman Volume 2 yesterday so I am excited about those as well! :D

      And also, bad news. I was watching Geekvolution on YouTube and the people on there said that WB won't be releasing independent superhero movies until after they have released Justice League in 2015 and a Batman reboot in 2017. Ugh! Wonder Woman, we need you, girl!
    19. Pokemaniac24
      Which is what they should have done with them in AG and DP. I mean Jessie was a joke as a coordinator and they didn't even feel like TR members. They could have been such cool villains in AG and DP if they did what they are doing with them now rather than the same repetitive things every single episode.

      Oh yeah and new TMNT tonight. Are you excited, gal pal? :D
    20. Pokemaniac24
      The only reason I would want them to stay in Gen 6 is if that means we get to see more Zager and Giovanni. I wouldn't mind another Gen or 2 of serious TR but if they are going back to being goofy, then I want them to leave at the end of Episode N.
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