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Nov 5, 2017
Aug 21, 2006
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Turnabout Pokemon

Super-Staff was last seen:
Nov 5, 2017
    1. Pokemaniac24
      I'm hoping that the Meteonite conclusion will be retconned into the N arc because N told Ash at the end of this recent episode that he is going to Castelia City, the site of where TR vs TP was supposed to originally happen.
    2. Pokemaniac24
      The Meteonite is what Team Rocket found in BW022.
    3. Pokemaniac24
      Team Rocket vs Team Plasma.
    4. Pokemaniac24
      They better air the Meteonite finale soon because I'm sorry but it would really hurt BW in my rankings of the best sagas if that conclusion never airs.
    5. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Her cameo was nothing like how May's was handled, she had no wins in any of her important battles, she lost early in the 2nd round of the Junior Cup, nothing was revealed about her current journey, and her only win in the 1st round of the junior cup was against a cotd and most of the battle was not even shown :/
      That's basically it XD
    6. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Talking to people about Team Rocket and the newest episode. And complaining about Dawn's cameo...again XD
    7. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Hello there, how are you? ^^
    8. Pokemaniac24
      It doesn't deserve all the hate it gets. I don't like it as much as some of the other TMNT related things I have seen but it is good. Yeah, the complaints about the movie that Shredder wasn't in it may be going too overboard. I mean Shredder is not the only villain in the TMNT universe. We don't need to see him every single time. Shredder and the Foot Clan are my favorite villains in TMNT in general but there are some really great villains in the TMNT world that should get their own movies. Nightwatcher in the 2012 show would be very, very cool. I would love if they had an arc dedicated to that character in the show. That would work really well. Yeah, Leo vs Raph was one of the best showdowns I have seen for TMNT.
    9. EmphaticPikachu
      D:...what happened to you?

      I'm not saying what i said was a good thing, but I didn't expect to be jumped on like that. :/...That was one of the few times my stubbornness to not stop the conversation backfired on me. :/ I should of just left, but hey lol.

      aww thanks :3..
    10. Pokemaniac24
      I'm glad to find someone who is really passionate about that film since I enjoyed it as well. I feel people hate on it a little too much. It's not my favorite TMNT thing in the world but it was a good movie. The scenes with Leonardo and Raphael stand out to me the most of course. That fight scene was awesome and I love the Nightwatcher.
    11. Pokemaniac24
      What did you think of the 2007 TMNT film, Super-Staff?
    12. Pokemaniac24
      Super-Staff, which movie of Phase 1 was your favorite?
    13. Pokemaniac24
      I haven't been keeping up with much of the DC and Marvel cartoons but I have always wanted to watch Young Justice. I heard great things about it. I'm not much of a comic reader either but I did pick up some of the New 52 comics recently and I really love what they are doing with the Wonder Woman story. It's really interesting.
    14. Pokemaniac24
      Well, the other characters probably never reach the financial success that The Dark Knight did and that Man of Steel probably will get but I really feel that if they put enough time and effort into a character like Wonder Woman or Flash or make another Green Lantern film, those films could reach the success that say Thor or Captain America did in 2011. They could maybe even go higher than that. I mean yes it is risky but Marvel probably thought they were taking a risk with Thor or Iron Man and look how huge those movies were. From what I understand, Iron Man was never nearly as popular as some of the other Marvel Superheroes and look how popular he is now. They can do that with some of the DC heroes/heroines. What I would really love to see is a live action Teen Titans film.
    15. Pokemaniac24
      Well, that's what the WB president said anyway but yeah, who knows what they are planning? They are so behind Marvel when it comes to the films right now that they need to do something. A good Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman movie could be exactly what DC needs to make a comeback against Marvel even though Marvel will be hard to top. I mean I am not going to come out and say every Marvel film was great because some were better than others but what they have done with their movies is brilliant. The set up and conclusion of Phase 1 worked so well and I hope DC finds similar success. And ugh, they better not shaft the other members. We have seen so much of Batman and Superman within the last few decades and I would like other DC characters especially Wonder Woman to shine. The Dark Knight trilogy was great but I want more Wonder Woman!
    16. Pokemaniac24
      Super-Staff, I have good news. Apparently, DC decided that they are going to release a Wonder Woman movie, an Aquaman movie, a Flash movie and a Justice League movie with in the next few years so we could look forward to that :)
    17. Pokemaniac24
      Super-Staff, I think you answered this already but you think The Noah arc is better than any other arc in the original Yu-Gi-Oh?
    18. Pokemaniac24
      I really wanted to see that movie. I heard really, really great things about it. I wouldn't say I am a huge gamer but I do play some video games (mostly Nintendo games). I played much more games when I was younger but yeah, seeing Bowser in the trailer cemented it for me. So yeah, I'm really interested in this one. One of my other friends on here has said nothing but good things about it.
    19. Pokemaniac24
      Super-Staff, if you had to choose one Disney movie to be your absolute favorite, which do you think you would choose? Mine is for sure Beauty and the Beast but how about you? If you had to pick one.
    20. Pokemaniac24
      I have a total crush on her. Who would have ever thought I would have a crush on a Digimon? XD But how could you not have a crush on her? XD
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