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    Origins: The War

    Lavender Town Kanto “… and today, as you’ll see on your syllabus, we’re going to talk about the ultimate tool of the political realist: balancing.” George Carini rubbed at his eyes as the professor shifted slides on the projector. Smith was highly rated—one of the best political science...
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    How to Write a Pokemon Battle

    Yeah. The best advice I've seen, and can give, is to remove the "turn-based" element entirely. Sometimes, you really can't, and I'm guilty of doing it a lot in Legends, if I recall--Gym Leaders and the like. But I believe I tried to make things more interesting by switching POV several...
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    Origins: The War

    Origins: The War Lilycove City Hoenn It was a beautiful June day. A faint haze rose from the ground, indicative of the heat, but he never minded warm. It was cold that bothered him — and he abruptly reached for the air-conditioning unit on the wall, turning it down several degrees. His damn...
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    I am a moron of the highest order

    Self-insert is probably one of the most natural ways to dip a toe into fan-fiction. Imagining yourself in a game/show/etc. is, at least for me, what got me writing this stuff in the first place. And it can be TERRIBLE. I know my early stuff was your standard Mary Sue pwns everything in sight...
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    The Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

    Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Dragonball Z and The Magic School Bus. The story should use starting a band as a plot device! I'm trying very hard not to say the meme we all want to say right now.
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    How often and how long do you suffer from writer's block?

    Usually? Frequently, but for short periods of time, and playing around with wording or deleting a few paragraphs can get me going again. Currently? Several months, apparently. I blame other fandoms that have been sapping my attention of late.
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    Eragon, Cassandra Clare, and Fire-fighting Equipment

    As far as Eragon goes--this, for sure. I don't have delusions that I'm anything more than a mediocre writer, but I sure don't feel like Paolini is that much better. He does have one thing going for him--namely churning those books out, while some of us (me) get totally distracted and forget...
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    More than 4 attacks?

    Ultimately, I think this depends on how closely your story follows the "rules": game mechanics, etc. I, personally, won't put artificial limits on them.
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    Pokémon: Legends

    “I’m not so sure if I’m down with the idea of that Carini guy coming with us,” said Rick slowly. “I don’t want to be dragged in to all this election stuff...” “Neither does he,” Will argued. “That’s why he’s skipping the obvious route to Celadon, the main road, and taking the shortcut through...
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    Pokémon: Legends

    Pikachu hit the ground, face-first. As heattempted to scramble up, he found himself pinned down by a clawed foot. “I win again,” Combuksen stated, leaning down. “You’re... really helpless without using electric attacks, aren’t you?” “I’m really good at them,” he grumbled, squirming in a...
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    ***The Fan-Art Open Request Thread***

    I'm half-thinking about requesting a banner, rather than these little sprites. If anyone makes me one, they would be the most awesome person in the known universe. Fact. Image: Blaziken + Sceptile + Swampert Text: Pokemon: Legends (except with the ` thing. In the style of the highly...
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    The Six-Word Story Exercise

    This is better than game plot! ... Did I mention I'm modest?
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    Pokémon: Legends

    “What do you mean, you’re skipping the Gym?” Ash’s face looked as if someone had just informed him that his mother had died. Rick, far less concerned, scratched his chin. “Part of being an amazing battler is knowing when you shouldn’t even try. Lt. Surge is so far out of any of our leagues...
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    Roots // PG-13

    ... which really isn't so far-fetched at all. Thinking back to 'our' space race, I'm pretty sure that if, say, the Soviet Union discovered life on Mars before the U.S. did, lots of people over here would care very little about the discovery in itself--only the fact that we 'lost' and didn't...
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    Where would you be without your fic?

    I've basically been working on the same story for over ten years now (writing a better plot for the games). And as terrible as it was when I first started sloooowly typing it way back then, the process--trial and error and self-criticism--has greatly improved by writing skills, in everything.