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Jan 25, 2019
Oct 15, 2008
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super_sonic914 was last seen:
Jan 25, 2019
    1. SmeargleRocks
      12:35 am here, sadly I cant trade for 16-18 hours from now :/
    2. SmeargleRocks
      Okay night, by the way the Victreebell is English with Japanese name meaning it was caught on an English game and evolved on a Japanese game
    3. SmeargleRocks
      Yeah I can do Registeel no problem don't think I will need clones of it since I think I have 2 at the moment :) I think victreebell is Japanese, I will check in a few minutes, gonna take a quick nap :3
    4. SmeargleRocks
      All XD Pokémon shiny and non shiny say Fateful Encounter could I trade for it I'm very interested and would trade greatly for it if it is :)
    5. SmeargleRocks
      That Gligar sounds cool, what nature is it and whered you get it from :)
    6. SmeargleRocks
      I didn't catch that but, yes I caught a pokemon on XD, only pokes that can be shiny on there are poke espot Pokémon, any shadow pokemon on colosseum can be shiny, also the Eevee on XD and your starting umbreon and espeon can be shiny, Rayce the shop owner got his own shiny XD Eevee, on Pokémon colosseum shadow Pokémon have a few stings attached as I found out through slight research and asking questions on here and being told directly by people like Kevin24 and Agonist, okay the catch on shadow Pokémon is the game checks the PID of its trainer when sent into battle then when caught it checked to your PID which means there is a 1/8,192 of it reverting back to normal, I don't understand the whole thing myself but figured I'd tell you what I was told about the shadow shinies, also their is a chance the shadow pokemon on XD can become shiny when caught, when being purified it will turn into whatever it is so if shiny it will turn into a purified shiny if non shiny it stays that way, my XD Zubat was caught randomly when I was playing through Mt.Battle and got the poke spot went there and saw a green Zubat, Poke Spot first show if their shiny when you see them eating the poke snacks you place to attract them I can show you all the pictures I took of it traveling through my games if you want :)
    7. SmeargleRocks
      Okay cool :)
    8. SmeargleRocks
      Sorry can't, library is closed tomorrow, and that's okay maybe we can trade nest week :)
    9. SmeargleRocks
      can you do a part of the trade, i have an hour to trade
    10. SmeargleRocks
      Just checked I don't have Machop anymore sorry, did reply though
    11. Kevin24
      yeah emulators are fine.
    12. Kevin24
      it is just rnged on an emulator.
    13. SmeargleRocks
      Replied, Pikachu has an OT I just am not sure if the one bulbapedia has matches it anymore due to someone recently messing with the whole site like changing pictures of event balls and also summaries, I will check my game tomorrow when I get home from school to see if I still have the Machop
    14. SmeargleRocks
      Hello I am DizzyCobraMew in the past known as SmeargleRocks, I am interested in the following Pokémon and can offer many Pokémon from my shop the link to its in my Sig thanks :)
    15. Ropav
      Lol cool maybe I will or maybe I won't Mwhaha
    16. Ropav
      Interesting very interesting -/- lol
    17. Ropav
      You should lol.

      No what is it?
    18. Ropav
      Ahh gotcha lol

      Lol I am enjoying it. Why not ?
    19. Ropav
      Lol ok you lost me.???

      I switched to watching shadow things now XD
    20. Ropav
      Lol so you can't say anything.

      Yes his hair is cool lol Roxas has cooler hair I am actually on YouTube right now whatching scenes from the Kingdom hearts games XD
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    Some say the world will end in fire,
    Some say in ice.
    From what I've tasted of desire
    I hold with those who favor fire.
    But if it had to perish twice,
    I think I know enough of hate
    To say that for destruction ice
    Is also great
    And would suffice.