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Feb 7, 2016
Sep 18, 2015
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Feb 7, 2016
    1. TalkSick
      Btw it's your turn to order in our match.
    2. TheKnightsFury
      hey bro, dont forget to order against talksick ;) cheers
    3. Superblox
      Yeah, I am... I'm just either working out some details, or dealing with Life in general...
    4. TheCharredDragon
      Hiya Superblox! I was wondering if you're still going to try to join Digimon: Civil War, because I just realized that Fuji's second paragraph in personality is...a bit short. X/ Leading it, if it was combined with the previous paragraph, shorter than even Kamotz's SUs, some of which were one giant paragraph.
    5. TheCharredDragon
      Heh, it's all right. You should see my sign ups from 2013. Looking back at them, they look so terrible and, for lack of a better word, noobish. XD
    6. Superblox
      xD I see. I'm glad that there's at least one thing I know will be at least okay, lol.
    7. TheCharredDragon
      I see. Well, none of the other Digimon really have that, only Ajax has a modified weapon, and that's not armor. Everyone else only has accessories, so I think the armor would need justification on how he got it. At least, that's what I think Kamotz would need to approve of your character having that armor. Oh, okay. Because I really don't like hurting other people's feelings when I'm really just trying to help. Ah...That explains that, and certainly more practical if you really have that much limited time. I think you'll be okay with the personality, as I saw SUs of Kamotz (the GM). The personality section is pretty short, compared to me, that is. XP I write stories.
    8. Superblox
      Technically, I put what it is in a description inside the personality section... It's pretty much a specialized Chrome Digizoid armor set that changes with the user to fit with their Digivolutions... I guess I should explain it in a bit more detail in the History, huh? And by the way, I always like getting told about things, no matter how frank they are being. And yeaaahhh.... I am not good at writing long things, especially when I first think of it. It usually take quite a while before I can manage to type up much of anything beyond a few paragraphs, and that's accounting for if I manage to get time out of my day to do it.
    9. TheCharredDragon
      Sure. I'm humbled, personally. Nobody's asked that before. XD But uh...I hope you won't be put off by my frankness. XP I'm trying to help.

      Hmm... The basic idea is okay. You were certainly right that you weren't that good in being lengthy. It might just be the writer in me, but I think you could expand it by explaining what this armor is and how he exactly got it. Especially if it's very helpful, I think it'll need justification on how he got it. Like...he got it after fighting many dragons and taking the armor of the ones he killed? ^^; Probably gory, but that's just a thought.
    10. Superblox
      Alright, I'll take a look! And thank you for the tips. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out his history...
    11. TheCharredDragon
      Yeah. I was having fun with it too. *sees your WIP SU in Digimon: Civil War* Just a suggestion so you maybe won't keep editing your SU after you're finished, perhaps you could try reading Griff's SUs? They're pretty short compared to mine and the others, so reading them might help you on how much you need to put. Also, there's a list of possible reasons why Digimon might leave their Realm in Page 2 of the Sign-Ups thread.
    12. TheCharredDragon
      Uh... Sorry to dissapoint, but Dangerous Fusion's dead... Tundra said so himself. We're doing Digimon Civil War now.
    13. Psychic
      Hi there! If you would like to get involved in the RPG section, please be sure to read the RPG Rules first! Once you have, you can head over to the RPG Sign-Ups section to apply for an RP!

      If you have any questions or are looking for help or advice, please feel free to ask me or post in the Rules thread. :>
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