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  • yeah I still want tangela but do you want scizor or dragonite. I would go with scizor since you have to trade to get him and you only have evolve a dragonair to get dragonite. besides if I wanted I could catch a tangela but It would take me awhile to find a bold one. So how about 2morrow we trade?
    I might be getting platinum today :D yaaaaay! heres how to fix porygon-z give him thunderbolt,icebeam,tri attack, and then the last move replace magic coat with either dark pulse or nasty plot.
    lol Iv got Dragonite ready now. yaaaaay. so your 6 hours ahead of me. but I"m got church today at 6:00 and I won't be home until 9:00 so we'll have to trade tomorrow if the connection isn't too bad. Which I don't think it will be. one thing we could do is risk using the WGT global trading center. its very risky but can be done. Hey I just need your FC. Mine is on my profile next to my Profile pic.
    porygon-Z hmmm. teach him thunderbolt to replace discharge. don't worry about rock types porygon-z can take them out in one hit with his high sp atk. Most rock types have very very low sp def. my time zone is GMT-5 yours is GMT+1 so the difference is 6 hours.
    Gallade's move set is fine from what you'v done with EVs and his moveset. Deffinatley add night slash as it gives him a super effective attack on other phsychics and ghost pokemon as well as giving Gallade a high critical hit ratio move. I would also give him either close combat or drain punch. Only pick drain punch if your going to power up his fighting moves. Because its only got 60 attack power plust stab so give him fist plate if you teach him that move. Then he'll be doing the base damage of close combat only without the def and sp. def drop.
    you can keep dragonite and scizor for that matter. I'm not going to use them anyway and you might want to EV and train them. Oh if you don't mind could you have the tangela holding a shining stone. I need it to evolve one of my pokemon and I don't have one nore do I have the patience to dig for it in the underground. Thnx. If you want I can get you scyther tomorrow. I'm not sure of our time difference though. my time zone is EST. what is yours?
    I forgot to mention congrats on that tangrowth. Sounds like he'll be a real pain LOL. thats a good combonation you've got for him. I'm guessing you'll EV him up it HP of course. For tangrowth EVs in hp are a must seeing as how hes got some of the best HP in the game. If your going to make him an annoyence then by all means keep the moveset you plan on giving him. LOL you could make him a real annoyance and have a pokemon baton pass to him.
    we can trade as soon as I get my dragonite. but first I have to evolve my dragonair. I'v got a scyther ready for metal coat and trade. Do you want it with a specific nature? Also power items only give you EVs for one specific Stat. So if you fight a raticate with power anklit then you will only get EVs for speed. but macho brace doubles EVs for all stats not just one specific Stat. Oh and I don't have the items needed to evolve my pokemon into slowking or frosslass sry. but I can give you a scizor and a dragonite.
    Oh and let me clarify pokerus and EVS. Say you fight one geodude. without pokerus or an EV boosting Item you just get one single EV in def. Add pokerus and it doubles all EVs obtained from that point on. Example say you defeat another geodude. Instead of just getting one EV point in defense you get two. Also 4 EV points in one specific stat(such as def,atk,spd) gives you one stat boost. So once you defeat 2 geodudes with pokerus your pokemon gets a defense boost. You can also give it power items that help boost certain stats. basically those items are like pokerus they double the amount of EVs you earn. Give a pokemon pokerus and macho brace and that pokemon gets 4 EVs from one geodude instead of 1. Its best to breed your own pokemon because baby pokemon have ZERO EVs. So you can influence specific stats more greatly than if it was a wild pokemon.
    slowking and Frosslass I can do. and If you find a tangela with a bold nature then thats the one I need. my plan is to evolve it into a tangrowth and use him as a defensive wall. I'm going to EV it up in DEF and HP and its moveset will be sunny day,solarbeam,synthesis,and shock wave.
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