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  • Hey ummmmm not that I am mad or anything, but your sig banner is ummm made by me....soooooo if you could take that down or at least give credit that would be good......ya....
    im guessing prolly anything invovling claws and shadows such as shadow claw and shadow sneak and anything dark, i can see metal claw being an egg move or something, haha i just wanna see the next coro coro
    I wonder what attaxks the Z line will know? And what new attacks from the 5th gen it will have? Hurry up and finish the game already Gamefreak! We need to know! >.<
    Ninetails? How could people get a Ninetails evolution out of that? I mean, it wouldn't make sense due to the sillouette's structure!
    hmmm makes u wonder why the all the green lanterns didnt just go get blue rings or something then if any combo works, especially since blues full power is awakened in the presence of green plus already having green haha but other than the 3 currently revealed spectrum entities (i like the concept for the love entity, taking on the form of a male being since, from what i read from the article, theres only one star sapphire whos of the female gender, not counting the events from blackest night where they had 7 chosen characters become each of the different colors) have there been any hints as to which entity will be revealed next?

    oh ya and whatever happened with what i stated above about the 7 ppl who were chosen to bring about the white light? or did that not happen yet? cuz there was talk of a brightest day story but from what that link u gave me said, didnt mogo destroy all the black lanterns? (mogo FTW btw, i always did like the concept of it haha)

    also do they ever say wut were to happen if one was to wear all 7 of the colored rings at once? or even all of em plus black? lol i must sound like a little kid with all these questions >.<
    They haven't displayed any other combos of rings having power over one another, but any combination of different colors allows for the defeat of a Black Lantern.

    Alan found the Starheart when it landed on Earth and carved a ring and a battery from it, and later internalized its powers. His power is born of the univere's magic, unrelated to the Corps and as such, he doesn't draw from the Central Power Battery or necessarily even from the emotional spectrum.

    Kyle's first stint as Ion began when he absorbed the energy Parallax (Hal) left in the sun when he gave his life to defeat the Sun-Eater. He used this power as the near-omnipotent Ion for a time, but gave it up when he realized that the power was the essence of the Guardians of the Universe that Hal had murdered when he stormed Oa. He deposited the energy in the Central Battery on Oa, birthing new, baby Guardians; the current Guardians of the Universe are the grown forms of those baby Guardians. He returned to his status as a normal Green Lantern (though not before making some modifications to his ring, like an emergency energy charge and the ability to return to him if it were removed from his finger) and continued to operate as that for a time.

    His second stint as Ion began when Jade was killed in the Rann-Thanagar conflict. She gave what was left of her energy to Kyle before she died, and he became Ion once again. He operated as Ion until the Sinestro Corps War, when Sinestro revealed that "Ion" was in fact the embodiment of willpower and a sentient being of energy, residing within Kyle. Sinestro forcibly removed Ion from Kyle and allowed the Parallax entity - to fear, what Ion is to willpower - to possess Kyle.

    So "Ion" is really just one giant ball of green willpower energy that manifests as a green whale and can be placed within an individual so that they may use its power. Sodam Yat was made the new Ion near the end of the Sinestro Corps conflict when the Guardians placed the entity within him.
    oh i see u r gunna side urself with bcvm, an enemy of the tee hee.... u will die
    u hav now bin put on our h8 list

    prepare 4 the worst
    Alan Scott's costume is so different because 1, artistic sensibilities were simply different in the 1940s and 2, because he's not a member of the Green Lantern Corps, hence the different insignia and color scheme.

    I'm willingly up to date on Blackest Night as best as I can be. What's your question?
    I enjoyed First Flight.

    Alan Scott's power ring as depicted in Smallville was accurate; see here.
    Haha I wouldn't exactly say that, but we've had many discussions on the forums. Just waiting around for the supposed big news. What about you?
    Yeah, in my face, totally. I mean, good for you, some random speculation mindless drivel kind of came true. Now you and others can whine and moan about OH NOEZ THE GRASS LOOKS DIFFERENT.

    I'll choose to stick with the facts.
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