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  • I know it's a crazy thing, but maybe enjoy the current 4th gen instead of massively speculating based on "evidence"?

    The SS Ticket, or any of the ones I mentioned, aren't there to "prevent crashing." The ???-type is there because of the coding, so they had to make a plate for EVERY type, and ??? is the type Curse is. The SS Ticket is a key item that was just never used. There are actually several key items programmed into the game, as well as a Shellos sprite, that was never used.

    You can speculate all you want. But when a GSC doesn't get re-made, I hope you don't throw a hissy fit, because many already have.
    There's tons of stuff in any game that means absolutely nothing. There's the "SS Ticket" in D/P, Mew in Emerald even though the item was only released in Japan, the ???-plate for Arceus, and so on.

    In other words, you don't know GSC remake will happen. You speculate. You think. You wish.

    IE you don't know.

    A source would be...like Gamefreak, or Nintendo, or someone communicating with them.
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