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Last Activity:
Sep 19, 2016
Jul 15, 2009
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Mossdeep City

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<- Fabio Montorez, from Mossdeep City

SuperMariofan64 was last seen:
Sep 19, 2016
    1. @MiGo
      Another update guys :P

      There is now a discussion thread for Moon Land in the RPG cafe'. The thread will be for tips, advice or ideas for the Rp and also for other updates. There is more info in the actual thread.
      Thx everyone! :)
    2. Dark Pulse94
      Dark Pulse94
      Haha, tell me about it... At least during school I can access here (w00t for hacking skillz) so I can change my posts if need be...

      Well! I'm off to camp, I'm leaving now, at 6am, and I'll be back on Friday
      ...why do I keep saying that?
    3. Dark Pulse94
      Dark Pulse94
      Sorry, that was a complete accident! ^_^

      oh well! I'll just make it that I didn't quite get the name right, and It's understandable...

      Yeah, I'm the same, because I use internet on my phone (not an Iphone, not a HTC, just a dinosaur mobile phone with no qwerty)
      so I take ages to post...
      not only that, but I have to do it all in 1 go, no edits or nothing... Which is why I make mistakes...
    4. Dark Pulse94
      Dark Pulse94
      ok, well It definatley seems you need to post again! I suggest you find the glasses...
    5. Dark Pulse94
      Dark Pulse94
      Yeah, I've been playing for 8 years, been on Pokémon-related forums for 3, and the only time anyone I knew apart from family and my band were to understand what it was without me showing them, I had to say "it's the instrument squidward plays"

      you can only imagine the embarrasment I got out of saying those 5 words...

      Well anyways, the thread's up and I made my post, so yeah (I didn't check if you'd posted, but I'll do that now...)
    6. Dark Pulse94
      Dark Pulse94

      just read your su for moon land:

      Clarinet eh? Good to see someone on a Pokémon forum that knows such a thing exists. Do you play the clarinet IRL? Because I do...

      I'm not going to have the chance atm, but I'm editing my character a little, just to say he's a little bit of a prankster due to him reclaiming lost childhood and blah blah blah...

      Anyway, I think our characters should interact a little before you leave, so in my post, I'm gonna have my character kinda sneak up on you with his Phase shift, and then after a little conversation, he'll probably try to entice him to play his clarinet, how's that sound???
    7. @MiGo
      This message will be sent to all participants of my Rp The Story Of Moon Land:

      The official Rp will be starting very soon, most likely by tonight. Sign ups have been extended to 16 people, and will be cut off if they reach that limit. When the Rp starts, people will still be able to sign up, but there will now just be a limit to how long sign ups will last until they are closed. More rules will be elaborated on in the official rp thread. Also, there may be a discussion thread in the RPG Cafe' to discuss about Moon lands plot, advice, ideas, ect.
      Again, thanks everyone for being part of Moon Land :)
      (Your character was accepted btw. I posted it in the sign up thread)
    8. @MiGo
      Hey about the banner:
      To put it in your siggy just right click the image, click on "properties" and then copy the URL, like http:// blalalalalababla or whatever it is. Hope this helps :)
    9. @MiGo
      No there is no deadline. Unless somehow i get 9 other sign ups before you get your character sheet filled lol. Ill add you to the reservation list. :)
    10. AZX612
      I dont know, thats the refs decision
    11. SuperMariofan64
      Hey, what's up?
    12. .:Flaming Fury:.
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