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  • oh as little busy with life but also very relaxed during the vacation, which makes it a little hard getting used to working again>_<
    I'm sure i will, i'll be able to spend some time with my brother, because we're rarely on holiday from work at the same time.
    i was referring to the region itself, my bad:D
    and rare candies are good but do make sure that you only use them when your teamies are fully EV'd else it will cost you stats.
    roaming pokemon, hidden items, you name it. there is more under that grass then meets the eye.
    yes, that's the one i was talking about.

    and believe me i had the same, most of them can be evaded if done right but you should see it like this, once you defeated them they won't bother you again when re-traveling old routes.
    the amulet coin can be found in one of those old houses at the park where the contesthall is (i forgot the cityname:p)

    the park changed alot compared to D/P so i can't tell for sure which it is.
    that's what i thought awell when i came there, the sad thing is that it's so long and there's nothing to see there, it's only useful to catch the legendary or to train poke's.

    oh, and you found the resort house i see, the furnature you can buy for it is expensive as hell so you need a good spot to find money.
    yes, stark mountain holds a sidequest and in my opinion a pretty difficult one too so be prepared. catching roaming legendaries will also increase the levels and some other stuff aswell but i forgot those sadly, it might be an idea if you browsed around here
    well after you did a set of tasks yes, have you been to the battle island yet?

    and sure, i'll add you.
    a cave is a cave in pokemon, else it would be unclear for the gamers what they can
    do and what they can't do.
    oh, dusk balls are 200 cheaper too as it costs 1000, the ultra ball costs 1200 see.
    Oh boy if u had torterra u could have earthquaked lucario. u have a staraptor with close combat?
    hnm hm, no problem.
    oh, and seeing as you go into caves to catch the lake trio try to use dusk balls instead, they have an even higher catchrate then an ultraball, do know that they only work in caves and at night.
    rotom? luckely mah boi (s.i.e) knows da trick;)

    go to the chateau where rotom is and save in the main hall of the mansion and then turn of the game, go to the option menu of your DS (lite) (i) and change your clock to 23:59 which is one minute before midnight.
    switch on the game again, wait for one minute untill the clock on the poketch hits 00:00 and go to the TV and have fun catching rotom:p

    it's a trick i discovered by accident years ago with D/P, timechanges in the menu will take effect at midnight and rotom is catchable after 21:00.
    hmm, can you give me a list of which ones you are after?
    here is a list of the sinnoh pokedex, click me

    just open your ingame pokedex and look for the empty spots and use the numbers to determine which ones you need in the list i gave you, the routes are described in it but maybe i have some other possible solutions.
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