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  • I can't read it very well. I'm learning, at least I have memorized almost every kana. I want to go on exchange to Japan next year so.
    Aww that's too bad :( what is the government doing? They're supposed to fix the economy, not destroy it.

    I guess i enjoyed it, I got Tokyo Ghoul Zakki artbook, also imported. I love it!!! My parents got sick so it wasn't the best holiday, but at least I had time to work on my fanfics.
    I'm soo into Tokyo Ghoul I hardly can't think not about it. Season 2 came out last Thursday and I'm soo hooked, the end of the episode was sad and the ending song too, but it's so beautiful!! I've read almost every Tokyo ghoul fanfic that caught my interest, so now it's waiting for updates or someone to publish a new interesting for or me updating my own fics.

    It's an illness of my autoimmune system. It can't recognise certain organs of my body so they attack it. I have it controlled with medicines at the moment, but I have my periods where I am ill again and hardly can get out of my bed due to the pain..
    Hii, fine I guess. Bit health problems. At least I'm enjoying my vacation. Happy late Christmas. I became addicted with Tokyo Ghoul. idk if you know it, but gosh the manga is amazing! They screwed up the anime, but I heard that season 2 will be much better. I'm in love with the main character Kaneki Ken!! He's so awesome and such a badass! The mangaka is a genius!! Ideas keep popping up for one-shots!

    I'm also hoping I can order vol 52 of PokeSpecial from Japan, but ugh the site I use hasn't got it yet ><
    I tend to order more often things from Japan. idk why I guess it helps me with my kana.

    And you how are you?
    Your team registration is late. You will lose one DD for each hour late, and one point for each day late. The tournament will be unable to start until you register your team.
    PM me the details of what you want.
    Ahh. I haven't been playing Pokémon much recently; haven't gotten X or Y yet. And eesh, I know how that goes. That's most of my life, unfortunately.
    Oh, I'm doing pretty well. I've been taking up too much of my time playing Plants Vs. Zombies, but I'm still able to get some article writing done.
    Well I've joined deviantArt this year, but like a few day ago I got bored of the internet and decided to play FireRed again. And without even trying, my starter was female (not that I try for this at starters, but. It's a rare thing.) and yesterday, I caught a shiny Rattata on Route 4, and I found it without even looking for it when I was doing some training to beat my rival.
    I also started writing some Pokémon fanfic, so if you want to read it, here it is - http://lovepikanizzy.deviantart.com/art/Pokemon-Mission-Ash-chapter-1-320476010?
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