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  • If you want to know why ;530; doesn't work, it's because it's an Unova Pokemon, and they need to have : 530 : ((without the blank spaces))
    I wanna point out that you didn't actually grant my previous wish. Because you said "nobody believes you", if nobody believes me I didn't really prove anything.

    I'm not complaining, I just wanted to point that out.
    Yeah, I know the feel. I starved to death several months ago and is a ghost as well
    9/10 mega sceptile XD but do you try to mimic schade with your sig :p
    Actually, I am mimicking him. It is not a coincidence that I use the Breeder, since my in-game avatar is one.
    Thank you very much. Your character is now accepted!! You may start posting. But please don't cross that OP line. I really don't like to give out strikes. Have fun!
    You were not accepted into Pokemon High, please wait until you are accepted to post. Please resubmit your application. And Drake can't be "the strongest salamence in the world." We hate uber/OP pokemon, and if you don't change that, I can't add him in. You have one strike for posting without being approved. This is a warning. Please read the rules.
    Hello again. Oh yeah, did you see my previous VMs? I highly recommend that you remove those posts you made on the Pokemon High thread until your character has been approved! I'm just reminding you so no one gets trouble. Please get on it as soon as you can.
    Heh, I know how you feel. But it's better to take care of that before the mods do!

    Oh yeah, by the way: I don't think Drake's bio will fly very well to begin with... I mean, He can't just be "The strongest Salamence in the world". That merits being overpowered (Or what others call "god-modding") and makes things very unfun. Being overpowered is the LAST thing you want a character to be! I recommend giving him a more sensible description(they are supposed to be Highschool students after all!).

    Like for example, how about: "Drake is quite talented in fighting, but he will often underestimate his own strength...". That seems better as a description, no?
    Don't worry about it! Although I would delete those posts ASAP, as well as inform anyone who interacted with your pokemon to do the same. All of those posts would become spam otherwise!
    They will let you know in a VM or post saying so in the Thread itself. Until then, i'd hold on with the RPing, lest folks get upset...
    Say, just wondering: Did destroyer39 accept your character for Pokemon High yet? They are one of the Co-owners for the time being, and it's not good to post yet until they have given the ok for your character.

    If you can delete the posts that have been made until your character is approved, it would be appreciated!
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