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  • Unfortunately I still haven't decided on a major or what I want to do with my life. Everyone's saying it's the best way to go, but it really bothers me to not know this stuff already. And especially when it seems like everyone else already knows, it can be frustrating.

    Eh, I'm talking too much, aren't I? Okay, well I'll tell you more stuff later. And it's only to you too, you're the only one who has to endure this torture. So much for coming back to life, right?
    Hey! Oh man, I thought you were dead! What a surprise.

    It also just so happens that the day you, uh... "died," (March 13th) was the day of Scholars Weekend at college, so I went there for the weekend. Got to meet lots of new people, explore the campus, do activities... it was awesome. It was life-changing, actually. I feel like I can actually be friends with these people. They're a lot different in the deep south, you know? Even the other out-of-staters are very outgoing and friendly to me. I just worry because I have very little experience with friends and with hanging out in general. But I'm given hope from the people who I've only gotten to know more recently.
    Switching schools? This late? Interesting... ah... I'm having a decent time. In terms of anything cool... Second semester starts soon, which means I'll lose a bunch of my sucky classes and I'll get to come to school later and leave earlier, which is nice. I hate getting up at 6:30... Just gotta take care of business though. There's nothing to do around here... dang... On a lighter note, I'm going to visit my college campus and stay overnight. I guess that's something else to look forward to. And only 213 more days till I'm there permanently... Yes, I'm counting. I've been doing so since about 700.
    Hey, happy 2009! We actually made it...

    How's your year going so far? Yesterday, I overslept and I couldn't come to school on time. I had never done it before, but it was totally worth it, especially being the first day back from the break.
    Hey, I noticed your willing to breed Ekans/Abrok for trading. If you could get me either of those 2 it would be great, I can get you any starter in return and pretty much any TM

    (if your replying plz reply on my public profile)
    Hey, happy holidays!

    Well, I wish I could have messaged you before, but unfortunately... nothing's really been happening because of how bored I've been. I can't leave my house for anything other than school when it's this cold, and I can barely even leave my room, so I have barely anything to do anymore. Luckily, we had some family come over today, my three cousins, two of whom I hadn't seen in over a year since they got sick last Christmas. We all played N64, which was pretty fun.

    Having the day off on Friday was okay, if only for not having to go to school. I still woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep. Plus there was snow everywhere, which sucks for me. And monday and tuesday, where I had to school on both days, really sucked. It was like, 14 degrees each morning, and we did nothing in school. What a waste of life. But bleh, I think I'm failing English, which especially sucks because I'm getting like, A+ in every other class. Stupid books, stupid research essay...
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