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  • Hi. Yeah, I haven't signed on in a while. Well things are pretty boring, pretty much the same. Unfortunately, the local deli didn't have push pops on monday when I checked... which is odd, since I have seen them there before. As soon as they get them, I'll be sure to try one.
    I can't wait to get mine. It'll be totally sensational. But I have to wait until I go back to school, which will not be until monday... unless maybe it's warm enough tomorrow... bleh, 50 degrees? The store'll probably be closed anyway. Tomorrow'll just have to be another lazy day.
    Oh, those ones... Yup, I'll have to give those another try too.

    The choco-tacos are okay, but I know what you mean. I think I liked the M&Mwich better, and maybe something else, I can't remember now.
    Push pops... man, I swear, it's been forever since I've had one of those things. I'll have to try them as soon as I get the chance. We have an ice cream machine in our school that used to have them, but as of recently they've gotten rid of all the good stuff (good bye Choco-tacos...).
    Er... good luck with that. Tell me if you ever do get it.

    I'm off to go get some pasta, I'll be back later.
    If you ask me, it's the easiest way to get a shiny. I would never have the patience to breed for one or reset the game for one.
    I remember the first time I used it, knowing what to do... I was SO close, and then the TV with Family Guy distracted me and I lost track of what I was doing and it screwed up. Other than that, I've had lots of success with it. I managed to get like, 8 Voltorbs in one go. Plus I've gotten a few others, but not as many as the Voltorbs.
    Shinies... I have a few of them, but I never try to get them, apart from using the Pokeradar. But one of these days, I'll have a shiny Slowbro...
    I haven't played Pearl in a long time. I mostly do third gen games. I probably won't go back to fourth gen until I get the english version of Platinum, whenever it comes out.
    Hah hah... you're funny.

    I'm doing pretty well. No plans on Thanksgiving that I'm aware of, except sitting in my hot room playing Emerald version. Oh yeah, I even got started on that a couple of hours ago.
    Yeah... Not that I really want to work there, but with the Publix headquarters being in the town of my college, it is a possibility.
    You're sick? I remember when I had bronchitis I went to school every day until the friday of the second week, when I got a fever. And no one even seemed to notice that anything was wrong with me except my gym teacher, since we were playing football and it was affecting me pretty badly there. As for jobs, I've got my own business in selling t-shirts, but that isn't exactly the most reliable thing, and I'm definitely gonna put a temporary stop to it soon since it's getting too cold. My first real job will probably be at Publix or something. And I remember the Darkrai event. I reset my game a few times so as to get a modest one, and there was a girl there who really wanted it because she forgot to reset, so I figured it wasn't really that important to me so we traded Darkrais. That was pretty funny.
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