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  • >.< Yeah that's definitely a tough situation. I can't come up with any solutions either =\ Aside from including a repel trick to make Steelix even more likely (or 100% if Lv. 35)? Making money for repels isn't too difficult with the rich folk to rematch, and if you use a 3DS, it's easy enough to not move around much to save on repels.
    XD I know, first my Black 2 hated me then it just starts raining shinies! Nicely done with the Magmar, too! Any new ideas for Steelix?

    I saw your comment about your double battle hunt with Riley. Couldn't you have your magnet pull be a fainted lead and have the better prepared pokemon in the second slot in your party?
    Congrats on Magmar, Supremacy! Amazed you've completed two full odds hunts and I've not found Munchlax yet!
    Wow, congrats Supremacy :) My Munchlax is yet to be found. Hopefully mine will be as short a hunt as yours! It needs to be after a 10k Piplup and 25k Bronzor...
    At least you've got both your trees accessible. I'm only looking for it in the one honey tree as I've not got to the other one in my game yet.
    Yeah, hopefully. Had 3 Combee and 5 Burmy so far. All Column 2 stuff if that site's accurate. It says Column 2 is more common on a Munchlax tree than Column 1...
    Yup, once you get your desired Pokémon, you save, then switch DSes in order to SR indefinitely. After a couple of days, the journal will pop up, so you then save on that DS and switch again, and so on and so forth.
    Hey Supremacy! Congrats on the Shinx! Now, if only Ceri can get her Shinx, we can all progress on this Badge Quest together :) My next hunt is Munchlax by honey tree. Not yet found one, but once I do, I'll be all set to start SRing! Good luck with whatever you hunt next!
    Huge congrats for the shiny Mew! Extremely jealous, yet over all glad that someone was able to get a Mew to shine.
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