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Last Activity:
Feb 10, 2017
Sep 19, 2010
Likes Received:
Jun 30, 1990 (Age: 29)

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Shiny Hunter, 29

Supremacy was last seen:
Feb 10, 2017
    1. Nulava
      Im not going to clog the thread with discussion.
      Serebii never confirmed the shiny rate in the Friend Safari.

      Shiny Charm increases The chances of finding shiny Pokemon in the wild.
      Friend Safari = Wild. Plus I made sure to run this by a mod, and I was correct. :)
    2. cocoadragon
      Thanks man!! GL with your fletchling and safari zone, I hope you get what you're looking for.
    3. cocoadragon
      CITY! Hey pal I missed you serebii was being screwy and not letting me log in but I have been finding shinies ^^ It's good to be back congrats on those 50+ shinies I missed.
    4. RaichuArcanine
      congrats on Noibat! A cute Shiny ;)
    5. RaichuArcanine
      OMG GRATS ON SUICUNE! that was quick ;)
    6. The Exalt
      The Exalt
      Thank you so much! Good luck with your hunts!
    7. The Exalt
      The Exalt
      Congrats on your your two new shines! They look great! I was wondering where you get the sprites for your sig from. I wanted to do something like that as well thanks!
    8. *PKMN Trainer Paddy*
      *PKMN Trainer Paddy*
      Hey supremacy! Hopefully that feebas shines a lot quicker than mine did!
    9. Rainbowdashtheawesome
      How long does it seem to take you on average? Since you've gotten so many already, surely there must be some kind of average.
    10. Rainbowdashtheawesome
      How do you hunt all these shinies? Do you just run around the route until they appear? The only kind of shiny hunting I've ever been able to have any luck with is fishing; I can't get a radar chain any higher than 7 and I don't have the patience for MM breeding.
    11. *PKMN Trainer Paddy*
      *PKMN Trainer Paddy*
      Yea the eggs may take a while to hatch but it would be worth it. I was thinking maybe heliopptile or phantump
    12. *PKMN Trainer Paddy*
      *PKMN Trainer Paddy*
      Yea its a really good pokemon. I might go for another mm now. Do you have any suggestions?
    13. tomatohater
      I hope you complete your Shiny Kalos Challenge!

      I may give it a go, seeing as i haven't found a 6th Gen Shiny on X yet (Found 6 1-5 Gens though)
    14. ZoRk
      Did you change your name ?
    15. SmeargleRocks
      Hmm that sucks....only good foreign pokemon IV gotten from the GTS were 2 goomy with 4-5 IV, never another foreign one with more than 2 perfect ivs =/
    16. SmeargleRocks
      What are the ivs on the parents? I mean which ones on the parents are flawless
    17. SmeargleRocks
      So what's your next mm project :3
    18. SmeargleRocks
      Thanks the larvitar is going to help my team a lot, don't have any Pokémon that can learn stone edge, DD or earthquake XD
    19. SmeargleRocks
      Meet you online :)
    20. SmeargleRocks
      Could I get male? :)
      Also my FC is 2595-0724-5772
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    Jun 30, 1990 (Age: 29)
    Favourite Pokémon:


    Latest Shiny!
    Obtained 6/20/16
    Total Shinies: 286

    Currently Hunting:
    Pokemon Platinum: Giratina. (SR)
    Pokemon Moon: Popplio. (SR)

    Pokemon Platinum Badge Quest!