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  • Oh nice, I need to get back to MM'ing again soon one of my side goals are to get all the starters shiny. 6 down, 9 more to go lol
    nice i hope u do get those :D there great shiny i plan to SR the bird trio when im done with this and a few hutns in white considering i have never done an MM hunt yet
    :eek: good u got a lot of useful pokemon i guess :p espcially since u got typhlosion as starter

    its very hard to find fire types at the beggining of the game
    And Tarous is amazing! even with a nature that lowers his attack (timid) he still helped me out a lot.
    lol nice congratz on that i wouldnt mind a meowth lucky didnt get something u already had and btw where did the farfetchd come from then
    Yea good luck on that Magnemite also, I was hunting for one for my badge quest using magnet pull but I got a Meowth :( however it was pretty helpful with the ghost type gym leader =p
    i really hope u get shiny female combee this time because youve gotten like 12 different shinies hutning this but thats pretty cool to get 12 different shinies lol
    Oh yea lol I was just guessing how many RE's I did since I don't keep track of them, I use the trainer card in white to keep track of my re's but since it isn't like that in SS I just guess how many re's I did and looking back on that message I was really off, if anything that hunt should of been in the 13k-15k range but I don't know for sure, definitely not over 20k lol don't know what I was thinking. :s
    this what u posted about slowpoke

    Ah its been awhile since I last posted, I put my Squirtle hunt on hold since I got Soul Silver and after only a day of soft resetting I got a shiny Cyndaquil and its female which made it even better. So after that I decided to start a shiny badge quest, I've been Reing in slowpoke well and my luck seems to be gone now cause I'm over 20k encounters and nothing =[ hopefully something gives soon. Also gratz TheShinyLunatone on shiny Onix! you deserve it and good luck on your hunts everyone.
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