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  • Hi! How are you? How's your hunting going at the moment?

    Lol ... Yeah, the Piloswine must like my smell or something? :p I don't know what the reason is, but I guess they like to eat things, so I'm feeling a little worried. ;) Want to guess how many more Piloswine I might find? Let's see what happens...

    I have to agree with you: the Bug Catching Contest is so annoying to hunt in. I actually really like it, but I find it frustrating to have to change the time all the, uh, time. It isn't really that tedious or difficult, but it's just this feeling that there's not really this freedom to just keep on doing it whenever I want without having to exit the game and fiddle with settings that I don't really want to bother fiddling with. As a result I've sort of stopped, but I don't want to give up on it. It's just a frustrating situation. Hopefully this makes sense in a weird way!
    You might have been correct about me catching up...
    basically, I fell so hard for him(first time being in love) he said he loved me back, everything was going good. Then last week he said he wanted to end it since we can't work long distance. I begged him to stay but he said he was leaving anyway. I told him he broke my heart and then he showed his true colours. He was very hateful and a real dickhead and he also confessed he stopped loving me early on. Plus he was showing his friends our old private conversations and they were ****ing laughing at how much I loved him. Thanks for your concern, but my friends already virtually killed him and he's not worth my time or thoughts.
    Supremacccccyyyyyy! Slow down a bit lol your making to much progress in so little time xD at this rate you'll be done before I even think about finding a shiny starter! Congrats on the Scatterbug and Amaura!
    Hi there! Sorry my post is so late, but congratulations! That Scatterbug/Vivillon's wings make it look amazing! It just suits it, huh? Some of the shiny Vivillon I see on the GTS do look great, but the wings are all different, and they all look different (go figure!) as a result, but yours just looks really niiiice.

    How have you been anyway? What's next on the cards?

    I've been doing a bug catching contest hunt, but it was getting frustrating with the days ticking over and having to wait until it was being held again. I've been tempted to just change the clock, but I don't really know how people will think about that, like whether I was cheating or what. Also, I don't really know whether it's too risky or not. I keep hearing things about it changing things in the game, like time based activities, etc. But I can't wait a day at a time for another contest to arrive!!
    *claps* YOU GOT SCATTERBUG! Grats! I know what you mean about losing hunting motivation, I had that recently too after what my boyfriend did to me..
    Congrats on sticking with that hunt and having it pay off! The shiny form looks great with that pattern! Hopefully now that you're going to be hunting a target that's 100%, it won't give you trouble in other ways. Good luck :)
    Hey, congratulations on Scatterbug, Supremacy! I was just randomly refreshing the forum index when I saw your username below the name of the shiny thread, so I thought "Please I hope he got his Scatterbug" and...
    YEAH, YOU GOT IT! I bet you're pretty happy right now! Are you going to soft reset for Amaura with one fossil or do you have another plan ? :)
    Good luck, and congrats again! :D
    Hey! I just thought I'd wish you good luck with the Scatterbug! Its really giving me the opportunity of catching up @1000 SRs for Fennekin :) I hope you get it soon though
    Hey there, Supremacy! I didn't see your VM for a while, sorry about that.

    Thanks so much! I'm pretty stoked!

    Hmm, Jolly is good, huh? I've been looking up and there's been a whole heap of suggestions for movesets and natures and EV spreads, so I was getting a little overwhelmed. I think that I'll just do the usual max attack and max speed thing and give it a moveset like Earthquake, Thunderbolt, Sacred Fire and Brave Bird/Fly, just for in game use.

    It's crazy when you hunt for something and the nature turns out well, despite not synchronising it or anything.

    I know this sounds stupid, too, but I really don't like Master Balls, so I'm really happy I didn't have to resort to one.

    Anyway, good luck with your shiny hunting! Thanks for the post. :)
    Hello again! I just wanted to ask that if I caught up with you somehow if you'd like to race? Good luck on phase 3! @200 SRs

    edit: Lol why did I say phase 6 xD.
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