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  • I do hope it shines soon. I saw that you changed the 3DS region to get Polar Pattern Vivillon...they do look great

    Yeah, you have to change those. The thing is, changing date isn't doable as the DS will pick up on it...but changing time to 23:59 and letting the date rollover from there works. I'm at 345 REs already :D
    Hey! Congrats on Litleo! It took a while, huh? At least it stopped trolling you that badly >.<

    I do hope you get Scatterbug next too, it's about time your targets actually shone first before other things xD
    As a little update for you, I got sick of REing in Route 41 on HG...so I've gone and started REing in the Bug Catching Contest. Otherwise, Blitzle is now at 1,400 REs.

    Good luck!
    Hey City I just wanted to say hey! Don't know if you remember me but I am Cocoadragon. I wanted to say congrats on all your shinies I've been following your posts for awhile good luck with that BQ and Kalos quest.
    You're amazing! I applaud you for sticking with that Fennekin hunt. Congrats! It was worth it though, wasn't it?! Better late than never, but stubborn nonetheless!
    Big gratz on that pesky little Fennekin, Supremacy! You deserved it more than anything! :D
    Funnily enough, my shiny female Braixen was also Hasty and had a perfect IV in Special Defense.
    Good luck on your hunts! Make them all shine!
    Congrats on the Fennekin, it's so great that you finally got him!! Hopefully scatterbug is a much much shorter hunt for you :3
    Congrats on that Fennekin! That's too many SRs for such lengthy resets, so you definitely earned that. I hope your the rest of your BQ hunts aren't so taxing - good luck!
    Soft resetting for it in the Lost Hotel would be quite interesting, though I believe you'll have your SR dose by the time you get your Fennekin and you might want to get into the MM bath again. :) But yeah, I think soft resetting for one would make it very special. But how does it work ? Are you sure it's going to stay there even if the next day the trash can wasn't supposed to get a Trubbish in it ?
    Aaaah, but do I have to remind you of Registeel ? Of Rayquaza ? Of Pumpkaboo ? These are just tiny examples of what you're made off. Don't let a little fox bring you down! :D
    Hi there Supremacy! I thought a little luck would help you, so I hope you get a shiny (especially Fennekin!) real soon!
    I also came here to ask you something. As I looked in the old pages of our dear Shiny Thread community, I noticed that you, once, tried to get a shiny Trubbish, only to get a Minccino and a Gothita. And yesterday, as I was training my own shiny Trubbish, my desire to see you get your own just enhanced! I was hoping you could tell me if you, one day, planned to claim it. And maybe it could be a hunt following Fennekin and Litleo!
    Again, I give you all my luck to you so you can get at least something good in the following days! Good luck! :D
    6IV Ditto, that's what I need to find x) ! I'm just wondering where you got your foreign Helioptile, because I want to MM something else now and I would like to know if you had a source of foreign pokemons before getting that Ditto :p
    Hahaha xD I was praying the gods to have female, a male would have been...
    Thank you so much for the Helioptile! Do you want it back?
    You can assume the shiny rate is lower.
    But until Serebii or another major site confirms the shiny rate for the FS.
    Its 1/4096.
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