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  • i noticed that conversation a while ago yes, he looked angry at you and it seems he's holding a grudge at you too, it's not my business so i remain silent for the rest, however if i may give you a tip a person can make a little trouble on the sections sometimes but never make it a habit.

    i sometimes do stuff like stereotyping americans for their nationality which i receive comments on aswell as bringing up shaq fu around the misc game section regulars when i see the moment but if i did that too much people would start to hate me aswell, it's all a matter of balance.

    anyway it's good to have you as a pal, you may have some attitude from time to time but you arn't a bad person.
    hey dude i saw that you were banned a while ago. did you have some trouble with another member?

    yeeeeaaaaah, sureeeee....... (sarcasm obviously)

    I wanted a -----> S M A S H H I T S C O D E <---- no a GH5
    Just leave me alone. You already got a warning from Ethan over PM. I don't have time to deal with your ****. If you are older than me then you should be ashamed of yourself.
    lol, it's death from above. i can remember that i was once stuck in the sand and when i was almost out again that sun came down and killed my mario.
    you know surfing pikachu, that sun in your sig is quite the thing, everytime i see it i am reminded of a hundred dead mario's on my old TV.
    You joke around, and you call my brother an idoit? That is really dumb. You do need to get banned because you are a ****ing *****.
    Like you should be talking....... I ask one simple question because some people said the Ethernet Cable was half wireless or something.

    Seriously? Do you have a life outside of bullying kids on the computer?
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