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  • Pokecheck analysis won't really give you much info for Pokemon that are hacks. It passed of a DW Chimchar I had and it was proven hacked by the OT. So just saying Pokecheck isn't always reliable. :/
    Legel.exe oops sorry! Like I said "I don't know what they call it"...but yea it is really good..words can be good with Hack or Legit but Photos or snapshots are better.
    Sometimes Pokecheck does not work...they use something called a legel.X check...I don't know what it is but I use AR to hack check them...Legel.X shows real proof that their hacked or not....
    Just forget this...a lot of people know their hacks...I just gotta find the proofs they sent me 2 years ago!
    I meant people created accounts here and their saying your a jerk...and this is a sad....a lot of them received hacks..oh gawd.
    hi, i'm curious how you got those shiny colosseum and XD pokemon. I'm trying to get a shiny vibrava on my colosseum, so i thought you might have a method, or however you get them. how long does it take? could you teach me how to get them? thx so much!
    well what about a Korean Home Plus Darkari im getting it soon from my supplier and i might be getting the mewtwo event from him too but thanks though for takeing some time to talk to me and find out if i had anything you like
    ok no i don't but let me list the events that i have is that ok with you so that way it is easy for you
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