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  • V6 unlimited! I know that comm, but yeah - since I don't have a LJ, I can't go on it. T3T
    I watch exclusive V6 videos on Chinese streaming sites instead. XD

    Yay for Papa & Mama.
    I actually don't support any V6 pairings, except for Papa/Mama, and Okada/Miyake because...it's really cute. (And when I watched their Voyager con, Coming Century 2009 tour and VIBES con, I really liked their interactions with each other. ^_^)

    Inocchi! :D I love him in the HONEY BEAT PV.
    I do Extension Japanese at my school and once we were watching a Japanese show in class and Inocchi was in it - so awesome. :D
    Ahh, so sad, every site I visit, I can't help but look for V6 related stuff (since - of course - finding V6 on google does NOT work...at least there are Japanese sites), which is probably why I should get LiveJournal so I can access more V6 goodies, but... >_<

    Heh, I really like MiyaKen and OkaJun (I think they're why I really got into V6-- apart from Inuyasha lol), and my friends really like them too, but it's hard convincing them to NOT say Sakamoto is ugly or old-- Nagano is my favourite Tonisen member btw~ Papa & Mama ftw. (Do you by any chance support any V6 pairings? :D)

    And lol, you like Kinya? As in Kotani Kinya? I think I had a phase where I liked him. XD
    Hi! :D
    I was just lurking around (I haven't been here for MONTHS lol) and I noticed that you liked V6 (okay, I was searching for any posts on Miyake Ken...). That's awesome! I really like them a lot too, even though I've been a fan for less than a year~

    That's all I wanted to say; sorry if it sounded really random and creepy. >___>
    btw, your profile picture is so cute, then again, MiyaKen is always cute. :3
    Aww, wow, wtf. DDD:

    Aww, yeah. Sometimes I'm really hyper when I get less hours while the times I get more hours = me snoozing instantly. XD But when I get less than 3 hours of sleep, then that's a killer. I walk around like a zombie babbling random crap to myself. XD But the sleep thing runs in my family; almost everyone is a night-owl. Sometimes that's good but other times, it's irritating. ._.

    I like how we're talking about sleep. XD
    Oh god, wow. D: Loud sounds always get to me. o_o Or those random blue flashing lights at parties. *shooks head* xx;

    Aww, yeah. xD Throughout this week, I've been feeling sleepy as hell. On New Year's, I had turkey which was supposed to make you sleepy but it does the opposite in my case. XD I'm terrible with sleeping hours. It's rare if I sleep early. xD
    Aww, really? You must have been tired. xD I think I stayed up 'til 4AM or something. My sleeping hours are crazy. XD
    Aww, thank you!! Hope yours is off to a good start! :'DDD

    That picture is so cute; it fits! XD Ash is such a dork. XD
    I know, they were all so cute! <3 I love the end of the episode where Ash is all "It's Misty 8DDD" and Misty's all "It's Ash! 8DDD" I find it to be so funny. XD It's a shame they didn't hugh or something. XD

    Yeah, with Misty, she'll be all "Hikari, let's go; we don't need that sour purple haired trainer around us". I'm already giggling to myself; it would be too funny! Misty would try to lecture Shinji and he'll be all "Whatever, I don't care". I feel like writing a drabble based on that idea. Oh god, the crack. XDDDD

    Oooh, I hope! If not, then we better see him again sometime. xD

    xDDD Haruka was so funny. And it's great to find another Love Com fan! 8D I really liked everyone in the series; Seiko was just adorable regardless that she was a guy. I remember when she first kissed him in the anime, Otani was all "I got kissed by a girl! 8DDD" until he found out. XD

    And same, I haven't read the manga either. I think only volume one. ;o;
    Oh, I remember that episode! I thought it was so sweet! Misty gave her sandwich to James and Meowth; I was all "Aww, Kasu's so nice~" XD And wow, Shinji, Misty, and Hikari... good lord. I bet Misty would be annoyed at Shinji then have Hikari join in. That would be crack. XD

    Yes, me, too! He has to. xD

    LMAOOO When you said Love Com, omg, you're right! I'm giggling to myself now. xDDD They sound almost exactly alike! Wow, I have to watch Love Com again. xD I'll think of Jun when watching Haruka.

    Aww, no worries; I like rambles! 8D xD
    Oh wow, I haven't see the preview for the next episode. I know I've seen the Jun episode which made me fangirl. XD He's so cool! *___* I love how unpredictable he is. The way how he bumps into everyone and his voice is so fun to listen to. ♥ I swear, I haven't fangirled over a guy character in forever. xDDD I wanna see the next episode so badly! ;o;
    Aw! xDDD Thanks so much for the adorable greeting! ^O^

    My birthday is going okay, thankies~ :3
    Why did the forum not submit my reply? ;___; Sorry, the forum keeps lagging nearly every time I'm talking to everyone so hopefully this one pulls through. ^^;;;

    Aww, it used to be really hot before. I couldn't even breathe when I would open the door to my car and make a gagging sound like a fish out of water. xDDDD Now, it's getting cold; we're getting hit by autumn. xD

    Fall is love. <3 I hate it when it's too hot/cold. The heat always leads up to my constant whine!fest while in the cold, I'm shaking violently. xDDDD

    Procrastinators unite! 8D
    Sure, no probs! :333

    Yeah, I'm going along well. The only part that's really a pain is that it's always cold here and have to walk a long distance just to get to my car. xDDD

    Aww, same! I'm so lazy to do things sometimes and end up doing them at the last moment. xD Tis a bad habit I'm trying to break. xDDD And ooh, kanji! That sure sounds fun. I once tried learning Japanese on my own but then stopped; too much. xD
    Yipee, thanks! I'm going along well, dealing with the pressure of college. xDDD

    Aww, it's okay. No worries! That sometimes happens to me, too. xD
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