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  • Lol I love it when things turn ironic I love soft serfve.. it's so good. And I like white chocolate, that's good. And cookies 'n creme, and mint chocolate chip, and party cake, and cake batter, and... ICE CREME IS SO GOOD! Lmao.

    Oh, and about PurpleMew. You should call him TokyoMewMew because that's his new name. :p
    yes it is and it is nice.

    & thanks it was the second one i made out of bordom and alkaide asked if he could use it & my profile image was made by ipokeyou.
    Lol it's making me hungry. But you like Vanilla more than chocolate, AND THAT JUST WINS! Vanilla >>>>>>> Chocolate. ^_^ xD
    You're Welcome!

    And yes... it was really good lol. But Banana Creme Pie's my favorite desert of all time, so to me it's always good lol.
    Lol thanks. I like random letters... lol.

    And you're welcome. Hey, by any chance do you have MSN so we can chat?
    You're Welcome!

    And I've seen you around a few times as well, HI!!!!!!
    Actually, that's all it is. A combination of letters that sound cool... lol.

    And thank you!
    Hey Sushi Bunny, you don't know me, but I just wanted to say that I really like your username. : )
    HIIIIIIII SUSHI BUNNY :DDDDDDDD I haven't talked to you for a long time D: And sorry if you don't remember me :(

    Anyway, Can we be friends? ;D
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