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Last Activity:
Jan 25, 2017
Oct 15, 2008
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A Tree Sparrow, from Finland

Suzume was last seen:
Jan 25, 2017
    1. Kecleoshrew
      erm, did you get my PM?
    2. Starrmyt
      Wow! Your drawings are fantastic!

      Sorry, it's not very often that I find someone with as phenomenal a talent as you.


      Great work. Really.
    3. Hall of Famer
      Hall of Famer
      You have returned? How was your college entry exams?
    4. Nightning

      nice to meet ya!
    5. Hall of Famer
      Hall of Famer
      So hopefully you can win in the champion poll next time! I forget there's a splicing contest on Pkmn HOF Community! Perhaps you should join in this contest, and I'm sure you can win. ^^

      BTW, how is your preparation for the upcoming exams? College entrance exams... I dunno how the Finnish college system works, but I wish you good luck again!
    6. Hall of Famer
      Hall of Famer
      I'm sorry to hear that you didn't win. I really wish you had, but this was not what I can decide... But anyway, I'm glad to see you're okay with it. This is just one contest, and you are going to have more chances in future.

      And no, you're not a little bit late at all. My birthday wasn't over until a few hours ago. Thank you very much, Suzume.
    7. Hall of Famer
      Hall of Famer
      I see. Did you check out the sprite contest thread recently? I saw it a few days ago and you appeared to have won it. I don't know whether you have noticed before... I have officially become a 20 year old now!

      I wish you good luck with the upcoming college entrance exams! I will try not to bother you in recent weeks, but please expect a lot more messages from me after your exams are over. Have a great day! ^^
    8. Hall of Famer
      Hall of Famer
      Hey Suzume, this is Hall of Famer. Haven't seen you on PC and Pkmn HOF Community for a while, how are you doing recently? I checked out the poll again and it seemed that you had won!
    9. ShinyPalkia
      Oi! Another female Finnish drawer?! O_o'

      Well, then I probably have to polite & nice...

      Hyvää Joulua & Uutta Vuotta! =D

      Btw, I agree with the others - you're a really great drawer. ^_^ I'm a drawer too, but I'm honestly quite poor at it. ':\
    10. Raro
      Awesome, Thanks :)
    11. Raro
      Thanks :)
      I wish I could draw aswell as you; you're really good :)
      Do you look at pictures when you draw?
    12. Raro
      Your Drawings are Awesome!!!
    13. Littlemyuu
      Hey i just saw your drawings...gosh you are amazing :D
      i wish i could draw like that..lol i adore your art <3
    14. Light Venusaur
      Light Venusaur
      Thanx, I will give you MAJOR (sorry to yell) credit.
    15. Light Venusaur
      Light Venusaur
      May I have your permission to use your Eevee picture that you drew for a fake card?
      Credit will be give.
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