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  • Well, you've had it for not too long, right? You're better than I was in the early days.

    I certainly went through quite a repertoire of characters, though, didn't I?
    Oh, damn. I wish I knew. Okay, but I told my brother he could download crap again, so there might be more lag.
    Thanks for that, though. You really got the factory to work well. I should try the stage sometime.

    I think it's down, up, down taunts for ZSS, but I've never actually done it myself.
    Sure. Just need to kick my brother off of downloading stuff, and we'll be golden.. well, at least more so than otherwise. What's your friend code?
    I have added your friend-code [3051-0670-9874] on SSB: Brawl. Please add mine [1204 0721 3643] and then contact me when you have done so.

    If you do not wish to add me, please still contact me and tell me so.
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