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  • Indeed! It's not hard to see and understand today's IGRMT state.
    And yes...we trolled him a lot, and you know? Looking back at this, now...it's just ridiculous, lol!
    But we still did it...funny story short, humans are completely biased peoples who'd never noticed how "DURR" they can be sometimes, lol! And that include me!

    Soooo, you're canadian?
    Hey you, i just want to explain somethings, before you think I'm a completely jerk.

    Those things....people coming, joining SPPF, and posting their teams on IGRMT...and don't hearing ANY sort of advice that 'we' gave'em....it already lead IGRMT to its currently state: it's simply despicable. There's no MOD at all, and some newcomers just don't READ the rules, and some also doesn't follow our helpful advice, even we explain it thousands of times! And you know, eh, *some* people has already left Serebii because of people like that. Honorable mentions are: Nocturnquiet, Purple_tangrowth, Peacemaker, Folding Scren, Ampy, Eon Master...there's a lot of people that doesn't give a f*ck about this place at all, and when i mean "This place", i meant IGRMT, or In-Game Rate My Team, as you should prefer.
    Some newcomers are nice and hear our advices, some doesn't, and some are completely retardeds that simply doesn't hear. Aure Sensai said A LOT of times on the thread to him, aggron guy, edit the First-post otherwise the thread would be closed and he would be advertised, even Logan could be Advertised by just saying to him. This is nice? No! What me and Logan was doing on the Thread was nice? Surely not! We're just...tired of people like him.

    An Advice: don't loose your time tryin to "protect" them. You'll be just worrying too much with something, somewhat, useless!

    that deck and me fit together so well! i came fist place in my rank and first overall, even though i faced some masters! i found my best setup was that of mewtwo at the start for quick kills on weaker pokemon, rayquaza for that last ko if needed and reshiram for an off the bat 120 and outrage afterwards. (of course with badboar in play! woohoo for bacon-powered dragons!) thanks for all of your help. by any chance could you give me an insight on a deck? i have 2 landorus ex therian and a whole bunch of other ex's. do you know any combinations it would work with and could you possibly make a deck skeleton for me? cheers, and thanks for all of your help! :D
    thanks you for all of your help! i was gonna put ultra balls in instead of the flippy poke balls but i only had one after i traded with somebody . but i will get another one. cheers for being so helpful, you're an amazing person! ;D
    i have thought long and hard about this and out of my messed up mind came this deck. some of the cards you suggested i have not yet acquired.

    Pokémon (15 )
    4-1-3 emboar
    3 rayquaza ex
    2 reshiram
    2 mewtwo ex
    Trainers (30 )
    4 juniper
    3 n
    4 rare candy
    4 catcher
    3 switch
    2 energy retrieval
    2 super rod
    2 heavy ball
    2 poke ball
    4 cilan
    Energy (14 )
    10 fire
    5 lightning

    sorry if it's not too good, its just a skeleton i based around rayquaza ex and emboar, then modified. i kind of have a feeling that i have a few to many trainers.
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