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  • Thanks and to send someone a message (because I didn't get that) you have to go to View Converstion with the person or post it directly on their page. also I found that Nidoking as a Nidoran and it was my first shiny Pokemon!!! I didn't notice because I thought it was a Nidoran female XD but one thing is that I found in the safari Zone and on a fake Fire Red I bought on Amazon.com but I traded it to a real Leaf Green and now it's on my Soul Silver nice and safe now
    Hi my name is Ducklett12 and welcome to Serebii Forums! if you have any questions feel free to ask and feel free to add me as a friend because I saw you like Venusaur and I like Venusaur too it's helped me in many battles on Pokemon Fire Red ^_^

    I have Venusaur in these Teams

    Pokemon Green (I don't own Pokemon Green so I made this team)
    Pokemon Fire Red

    Tell me what you think of the Teams :)
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