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  • your message box is full but in response to your inquiry:
    yes, my pokeball viv is legit (received 6/4, french, cherish ball, no memories, etc). Do you have a list of the gen 6events you have?
    Hey, I'm really sorry I didn't see this earlier, I don't know why I didn't get notified. I apologize, I no longer have the monsoon Vivillon, and I completed my collection a while ago, sorry :(
    Nope, just that I got very used to playing games in Japanese (haven't played English games for 7-8 years now, I think...Japanese games usually come out faster as well), so...don't know why I have to shift back right now. I can read Japanese, so language isn't a problem for me. I don't live in Japan though, so if you mean those events that you have to go to Pokemon Center and such to get it, then I can't get those as well. Can only get the Wifi ones, sorry. ._."
    Sure. I can trade a High Plains for a Savanna. Do you have any extra other patterns? I'm looking for sandstorm, sun, icy, monsoon, jungle, arch.
    The reason is because I want to be the OT, so in order to do that, they have to be obtained as eggs.

    Since the Tundra is fully evolved, I'm not interested sorry.

    If you're fine with trading Continental eggs, I can start breeding Modern eggs.
    So 6 Modern eggs for 6 Continental eggs? Do you have a preference on Ability (Compoundeyes vs Shield Dust)

    I do still need Tundra, if you have one as an egg.
    Yep, I still need Continental Scatterbug eggs.

    Are you wanting 3 Modern Scatterbug eggs in return? Or are you wanting Scatterbugs? I don't have a problem with giving either, I just mentioned the second because I can make sure they are the preferred Gender, Ability, Nature (if you have any preferences).

    I can also breed some eggs and hatch and soft reset if they have any desired characteristics (it's just a little more difficult since I don't have an everstone yet to make sure Nature gets passed down).
    What are you seeking?
    Vivillons or other mons?

    i posted a list of some things i have, but i have a lot
    could you name a few you'd be interested in?
    ok! my FC is 0619-4401-8836 2 Ocean, 1 male & 1 female and the other one i'll just give you another Ocean for spare :)
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