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  • I'll be able to buy manga 2 or 3 times each year -.-. Pretty far for me to go to the manga store cuz I don't have one in my hometown. I guess I'll just download the manga which I have a bit and read is on my comp. xept for RBG and yellow saga I got those in my bookself and other manga. I am getting too impatient for pokespecial and when i read other good manga they are ungoing. Live of an otaku is hard especialy if they have to wait for the manga and are depended on the internet.
    Yeah but we can at least try to distract us with pokemon special manga, watching the other twilight movie or for some humor watch the funny version of twilight (vampire suck).
    Maybe they'll split it half way jakobs story I wonder how they'll show Renesmee. Must be a hard job for that. I can't wait for that one too come ^^.
    Yeah and those wolf soo super kawaii. I watched New Moon again last week when I saw those wolf I thought I want jake to be my pet so I can hug him all the time ^^. I cna't wait for movie 4 too bad they'l split it in 2 movies I wonder how they'll do that since book 4 is actually 3 books in 1.
    lol I don't know why people didn't like RSE? I thought they were exceptionally well...also the bad guy team (Plasma) reminds me of a mix of Aqua/Magma and Team Galactic.
    WB <('.'<) how have you been ^^ I saw Eclipse ^^ it's sucha good movie my mom thought the same so she rented twilight abd she loved that one now we rented new moon because she only saw eclipse we're going to watch it tmorow ^^ and I still have 3 weeks left of vacation till I start colege. Plus i kinda burned my vingers a bit yesterday while I was trying to eat noodle soup good thing I didn't broke a plate or my mom would kill me XD.
    Yeah me too. Her hair reminds me of Zoroarks! XD and Dento seems pretty cool as well. Reminds me a bit of Ruby and Sapphire with the whole Wild Child girl and Classy boy!
    Yeah the games look totally awesome...I hope the anime goes back to it's adventure, but with no pity badges, that'd be great! :D
    Hey there Swampertlover! I think you don't know me. I am the owner of Fire type group. I read your message at Sayho's profile page regarding co leader. So is there any way to choose a co leader for a social group?
    I was watching MTV movie awards and Twilight won almost everything that's really awsome I was like OMG OMG OMG and I saw the preview it looks soo awsome. Watching it was funny too they seem to curse the whole time.
    but they'll be still cute to me. I've always pictured those scenes from eclipse in my head and now I can finaly see them well diffrent of course but still.
    Yes, I know!~ I can't wait to see the regional bird! lol the things I look forward to...
    (btw The Rise of Darkrai was based off of a place in Spain, so you might be onto something! ;D )
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