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  • XD Would "Treesaurus" be the (if there was) English name for Tropius? (If I remember correctly they used it's JP name.) Some of the English names are ok, but I think the kids (idiots) mean that they aren't making up English names for them, therefore less creativity. (however...how can you outshine/make new the names Reshiram and Zekrom? They are awesome!)
    lol I guess he will. I can't wait to see it too. Those wolf look so cute I just wanna cuddle them. All of them Seth, jake, Embry, Leah they look like pupies in wolf form.
    Yeah those are the English names which are cool (it's just that some people were saying that "Pokemon was getting less creative because they don't have English names =_=)
    lol I'm going to watch it with some friends I can't wait it seems that i have to wait a month till i can see the movie oh well I'm reading Breaking Dawn again for distraction. But pokemon special distracts me more and it's getting me restless.
    You know I went today to a manga shop and guess what they had a manga off twilight but it was gotic drawn so I didn't buyed it I stay with the books I have at home.
    Yeah I know. lol some kids at school were complaining about the names XD (I thought the names were cool, but apparently they wanted english names XD) It would be cool if Zekrom was an electric-type (and maybe Reshiram too) and it still could be true, remember the cave w/ the magnetic fields? Maybe that could be where Zekrom is found...
    I haven't seen thetrailer yet but I saw the musicvideo of eclipse. of course I have to wait longer cuz it's later in the netherlands when they'll show it in the cinema
    They do both look amazing! One looks really tough while the other seems more graceful...
    O.O I still can't believe Pokemon.com is advertising it already though!! It's just like wow...I CAN'T WAIT FOR THESE GAMES!!!
    Did you see the new legends?! I like the white one it looks really cool; which one do you like? (lol I guess this means I'm gonna get the Black game or both ^^)
    absolutely I went to New moon with some friends at the day it first was avalable to watch in the cinema and i've seen twilight 3 times books afre beter but the movies are great too.
    lol i'm fine. I'm happy too to know that someone loves those too ^^ *hugs I was reading pokespecial again RS arc I don't know if i should keep reading FRLG again it's too hard to stop I even went to search some pictures of pokespecial I did found some look at my profile pic and signature I was laughing seeing Red in Blue's dress.
    Yep! That's what I was talking about...but I'm sure there's no need to worry! (at least I hope not) can't wait for more Pokemon to be revealed though! ^^
    Yeah I know!~ I'm sure they'll have a third game though! (for those who say there are too many, hey! I wanna be able to have all the starters!) XD That's the good thing about it...even though it costs quite a bit if you think about it...:/ (I also hope w/ the new game thing that we'll still be able to play DS games...My parents would freak if I couldn't!)
    T.T I know...! They are doing that just to be evil!!!! >.<# Oh yeah and now I like the little Sea Otter one, it is SOO adorable! Don't ask, everything I start off disliking, I wind up liking it! (kinda like when Barry appeared in the anime, I hated it. Then when I saw him in the epi. I almost died of laughter. Happened everytime. XD)
    Yeah maybe...(if that happens, I'd think Pokespe would come up with a new character again...:/) I'm also thinking that if they have a third counterpart, I think it'll be called gray...(like black could represent night; white = day; gray=twilight)
    The only thing I'm upset about is it looks like they got rid of walking Pokemon :(
    Yep! I saw them...hmn I like all of them (though the sea otter I think is a little bland...but still adorable! <3 ) I'm thinking about the snake...but all of them are open.
    and my friend made me mad...they said Pokemon needs to hurry up and stop making games...(that's not the best thing to say while I'm reading the manga...and obsessing over B/W)
    Anyways enough with my rants! ^_^; I wonder what the rival will be like...?
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