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  • Yeah I thought that too...:< hmm...To be honest we really don't need another Piplup (I don't mind Turtwig) but I'm literally sick of the penguin. I'm hoping that the "Piplup" one is a fire-type (maybe a fire-owl, because it looks a bit like a bird and it has ears...)
    lol you better fret Junior Year, you better! XD (to me it's not much different) and right at this moment I am multitasking. Doing Math hw, and messing with my PokeWalker!
    I can't believe the starters are already going to be revealed! It seemed to take forever for the Sinnoh starters to be...(lol I remember when I thought Drapion was going to be a Legendary...XD)
    Yeah I see... (I hope you get that stuff done!) I had an essay to write for English on two short stories (ugh it was booring!!) but the wave of hw is slowly fading...(thank god!)
    Yeah those seem cool! Did you see any of the previews to the new movie w/ Zoroark? It seems AWESOME (to me at least lol) ^^ I like the song in the background.
    LOL! That's probably why the people on Pokemon Sunday said: It'll make you think, "Is this Pokemon?!" I hope there'll be new fossil Pokemon...(like maybe a cross between a mammal and reptile that would be awesome!)
    I know, right?
    but anyways the new game's animation is just...awesome! (not sure about the characters though...lol I can barely see 'em! ^^;) I'm starting to get more excited; I'm just hoping with this that the anime will improve more too (*prays that the new girl won't be a coordinator*) And I'm pretty sure the manga will be awesome as always
    Sorry I couldn't respond for a while, we went outta state for spring break and we didn't have a computer...^^; and that's of course when I find out there's a new game coming out AND updates on the manga!
    To everybody who visits my page, i'd just like to wish you all a Happy Easter if i can't on Easter.
    Have a nice Spring Break and don't let the Easter Bunny break into your house, shoot 'em down. (kidding) \(^^)/
    i know it's early for this, but i most likely to forget later on this week...heh
    It's going good so far ^^ I already conquered all of the Pokeathlon courses and got to the golden room place!
    Maybe we can battle someday?
    I like the Speed and Jump courses! ^^ They are SO much fun! I didn't like the Skill Course with that stupid Snow Ball throw, but I kept practicing and I conquered that (eventually ^_^;)
    I remember what I was going to ask! What do you think about the Pokeathlon? For me, I find it very addicting (I couldn't stop playing it!)
    lol ^^ I miss the Sevii Islands too T.T (I remember in LG when I first made it there) OMG IT'S A WILD NATU!!! I FOUND A NATU! I FOUND A NATU!!!!!
    Yep I'm there, Kanto is great! ^^ (I got 7 badges in one day heh heh ^_^;;;) Since I started from FR LG I thought of those games, but the area changed a little (you'll see when you get there) I caught Suicune too, the funny thing is I felt bad for Eusine
    Oh man, that was close wasn't it! Lucky thing you found it!
    This is weird (and sorta off topic), but apart from the Red Gyarados I found 2 shinies! (Zubat and Tentacool) Both of them were random and poison types...
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