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  • Twilight Princess is definitely my favorite Zelda game. Since you do have a 3DS, A Link Between Worlds is a good Legend of Zelda title. As well as Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.

    Fi is pretty great. I just love Ghirahim as a villain.
    Heyo! To answer your question:

    I think it's one of the best story-driven Legend of Zelda games. I thoroughly enjoyed the mechanics (even though a lot of people didn't) and it also has one of the better soundtracks in the series.

    Also Ghirahim will always be my favorite flamboyantly gay demon sword.
    Cynthia: Yes sir!

    Reina: Those Nohrians..always setting off their monsters in a highly civilized area.
    Cynthia: (Jabs her lance into the throat of a faceless) Just a friend of Severa's, Lord!
    Looks wise he's incredibly attractive. He's a little short but everything else makes it up for me.

    Everyone keeps mentioning her accent but I never actually noticed it until someone else mentioned it. Her voice actress did a great job to me.
    Eh, he was kinda annoying. Urbosa is my favorite of the four champions. Though my favorite character is Link for... reasons. :3
    They aren't full sized dungeons like the ones in previous games, but they made them even more difficult. The one I did felt Water Temple difficult.
    I already played that part of the game, where Link cross dresses to get into Gerudo Town. Despite being flat chested (that's a given) and having masculine calves, he makes for a pretty convincing girl. xD
    I've been playing as much as I can, so I've made it to my first boss, which was particularly challenging to beat.
    Speaking of the Switch, I have it, and Breath of the Wild is absolutely fantastic. I've only gotten through to the first boss and it's easily one of the best Zelda games ever. It's definitely bigger than Skyrim, too.
    Reina: Doing fine, milord. We even got a little bit of help! (Shoots an arrow at a faceless without even looking)
    Cynthia: But Severrrrra! (Slices through a faceless with her pike)

    Reina: Well, she really knows how to use that thing to say the least...
    Cynthia: Because I wanted to help! It's no fair that you, Inigo, and Owain take all the fun away!

    Reina: A friend of yours, Severa? No time to talk, we will take all the help we can get! (Shots a Faceless right in the chest)
    Reina: (Flies low and Severa jumps off. She regains height and starts pick off Faceless with her archery skills)
    Reina: Oh right. I didn't think you were going to use that blade, to be honest. (Gets her bow ready on her Kinshi Knight)
    Reina: Yes, milord. Come Severa! (Takes to the sky with a legion of Pegasus Knights following her) Oh, that's a peculiar sword you have there.
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