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  • Zephraxe: Yeah... *Telepathy* She still can't know about you know what...

    Amy: I meant it in the way that it was unlikely he would find someone that was like him and understood him...

    Zephraxe: I know, Amy. It's all right. *Smiles*
    Zephraxe: Amy... we are in a relationship...

    Amy: *Smiles, gets up, and hugs both of them* Aw, that makes me so happy! I never thought Zeph would actually find a gir-

    Zephraxe: Hey! That's not very nice...
    Amy: Hehe... Are you sure the two of you aren't in a relationship? You just look so cute next to each other...

    Zephraxe: Uh, um...
    Amy: *Sits and and begins to eat, but looks at Zeph and Mikasa, smiling*

    Zephraxe: Is something the matter, Amy?
    Amy: Here's your breakfast! *Gives a plate to Mikasa and Zeph. Each plate has eggs, bacon, and waffles on them*

    Zephraxe: Thanks, Amy! You didn't have to make us breakfast...

    Amy: I heard you get up, so I thought it would be nice surprise. *Smiles*
    OOC: Oh god... That would be terrifying.

    Zephraxe: Mikasa, I'll be downstairs. *Smiles and goes downstairs with Zak*
    Zakariov: *Jealous of the attention Mikasa is giving Summer, he jumps into Zeph's arms* Zor, Zorua! (Hug me, slave!)

    Zephraxe: *Smiles* Hey there, Zak! *Hugs Zak*
    Zephraxe: Good morning, Mikasa!

    Zakariov: *Runs into Mikasa's room and jumps on her bed, standing next to Summer*
    Zakariov: Zoru, Zorua Zor. (Mark and Hanabi. They were created in a lab like Zeph and Mikasa... They are like family to Zeph. Like his brother and sister.)
    Zakariov: Zor Zorua. (Zeph has been happier than he used to be... Happier than when he met Mark and Hanabi.)

    Zephraxe: Let's go see if Mikasa is awake! *Walks out of his room*
    Zephraxe: Hehe... I hate to make you two move, but... *Picks each of them up and set them down next to him. He gets up and gets ready for the day*

    Zakariov: Zorua, Zor! (Glad you took a shower, Zeph. You smelled.)

    Zephraxe: *Looks at Zak and smiles, not having a clue what he is saying*
    Should be with Keiji, if that is possible. Or even in Ignis with Hideyoshi, because he served under him.
    Sakon should be.... I dunno. He was another Mitsunari retainer. Maybe also a drifter or working with the evil organization?

    Toshiie. Like him much better than Keiji, but that is just me X3
    Hitmonchan, Ursaring, Absol, Krookodile, or Gourgiest

    I g2g after we settle Toshiie
    *The following morning*

    Zephraxe: *Yawns and wakes up to Zak and Summer still asleep on his chest* Aw... so cute...

    Zak: *Wakes up* Zor...
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