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  • Corrin: (Quickly throws on her armor and heads towards Mikoto's Room) You wanted to see me, Mother?

    Mikoto: Yes, I did my sweet daughter. Tell me, do you know what this throne is?

    Reina: (Mounts her Kinshi and flies to Kamui's side) My lord, should I lead the Pegasus Knight Squad we have here?
    >The Next Day to move things along<

    Corrin: (Yawns) It still feels strange waking up in Hoshido. (Gets up and stretches) I better go see Mother.
    Oboro: Takumi-sama, you shouldn't be hurting yourself! *Comes around the corner and pulls out a handkerchief* Here! *Shoves it in his hand* This is your sister we are talking about, too! Sheesh!
    Corrin:*Follows Mikoto into her room* Wow... *Small toys and a blanket linger on the floor*

    Mikoto: It's exactly the way you left it all those years ago...I couldn't bare to change it.

    Corrin: It's okay, Mother. It's perfect the way it is.
    Corrin: I would love that. *Smiles* I know it's hard to take in, but I can't blame them.
    Corrin: It's fine, I understand your emotions and feelings about this. I would be the same.
    Corrin: I know he died, but.....

    Mikoto: Settle down now. It's been an eventful day. Why don't you get some rest.
    Corrin: I heard twisted tales about Hoshido when I was there as well. But why can't we put this all behind us? I'm not hurt. I can now see you both are caring people, just different. Why fight and shed unnecessary bloodshed?!
    Corrin: But, they wouldn't mistreat me...never....*Stares at them after Mikoto's comment*
    Corrin: Oh, did I say something wrong. *frowns*

    Mikoto: Of course you would be worried. They were the only family you ever knew. But, you should looks past them and instead look at your real family
    Mikoto: He has....but Takumi's just Takumi *Sighs and looks over at him*

    Corrin: This is still a lot to take in....but I can't help but wonder about my family over in Nohr...
    Corrin: *Just continues to hug her* Just let it out.

    Mikoto: ^_^ I'm glad to see my daughters all reunited.
    *The two sisters come in*

    Corrin: You must be Lady Hinoka and Lady Sakura. I'm please to meet, err, reunite with both of you ^_^
    Corrin: Who is Kamui, if I may ask?

    Ryoma: Your twin brother. He's very busy working all the time. And thanks Yukimura.
    Ryoma: With news of Corrin, Hinoka rushed as fast as she could on her Pegasus. She missed you the most, Corrin.
    Corrin: It's..it's nice to meet you too, uhhhh.

    Yukimura: You may call me Yukimura.

    Corrin: Yukimura, it's nice to meet you.

    Ryoma: Before you head off to your room, Hinoka and Sakura would both like to see you. They should be here shortly.
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