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  • I read what you posted on Raves visitor message and i think you should make your hair green with that sign in your hands and take a picture. It will be funny X)
    Yay swampyfaec loves me. When you get on I'll link you to a torrentplace where you can buy MSI's new stuff. Mhm.

    Also yes I'm lolling at your signature. GG

    Also also, I believe are slowing gaining the reputation of sppfacebook pictar women of the harlot persuasion**. GG @ us.

    ** - stupid censors.
    P.S. Ichi doesn't look like an overweight asian baby

    Yes I do Adamdate.

    Swampy, I'm bored and can't sleep. You should get on msn more often since you've ditched IRC ctrl + b :( ctrl + b
    Yeah...I feel like a huge d-bag, but I really dun remember you. Me disappearing for a while did a huge number on my memory/knowledge of members here.

    Care to refresh my memory? >>
    Have you listened to MSI's new stuff? I have Issues and Get It Up stuck in my head D:
    Ah, okay. Well that certainly seems awfully mysterious to someone with my short longevity here. And you do a good job of telling the tale cinematically! ^.^

    I do wonder though, why the drop in member civility coincided with the release of Diamond and Pearl. If there's a correlation, I can't think of it.
    Yes I took them to make you happy. Also, I look like an overweight asian baby. That isn't cute.
    I'm psychic. Honest.

    Well then. I took new ones so go look at them.
    I do believe you need a hobby, love.

    Also pic thread for great justice and such.
    Nah chill I'd rather wait for you to fly in. Not trying to have ANOTHER stalker.
    Swampyfaec, when are you coming to Florida? It's so boring and lonely here. :(
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