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  • Hah, awesome. Yeah that's what one of my friends told me too, but mindless demolition can be fun as well.

    Last game I played was Cryostasis, it's a Russian Horror/FPS game for PC. Mind****, in other words.
    Nothing really. IRC is boring as always, was thinking of giving Prototype a try. You still play vidyagames or you're too busy for them?
    You told me about your band once. Great to hear everything is still going sweet.

    And there's no point in reviving Misc. if you'll be leaving us again soon. :(((

    Misc. is almost beyond repair. I've been on-and-off the forums throughout this year, and each time I return it seems to be getting so much worse. So yeah, you're not missing out on much.

    Still it's great to see you around. You still hang out in #Desu et al?
    Whoa, that was dirty. And mostly unintentional.

    Kind of a misleading euphemism for the section in question, though.
    Maybe when hell freezes over, he can write about that, too.

    We could try to caulk around it, I guess, but I'd be a little worried about an explosion from all the pressure that'd build up in there.
    Yeah, I thought it was a great idea, too, but... well, hopefully there'll be more community activity in Misc. once the picture thread goes back up, or something.

    Oh ho, yes, that must be it! Too bad it probably won't be going away soon.
    Yeah, Josh keeps saying to send in ideas, but I honestly don't know what sort of ideas he's looking for. Seems like people are just pointing out stupid posts/threads.

    Hm, I think it's coming in from under the rules thread, but it might be blowing in from Polls... I'm not sure.
    Oh, fate is such a fickle and cruel mistress. But while you are here, do you think you could take a look at Misc.? I think there's a draft.
    That's because you've been keeping your sexy self away from here. =[ And I have to do my part to keep post quality up while people like you are gone.
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