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  • You had the oddly coloured hair long before I did
    I'm not a scenester, but am getting into colouring my hair funny shades. I'm thinking of doing either cranberry or white and hot pink next
    Alright, fine. I concede.

    I'm just happy to have come away from this with that made-of-win cat song in my arsenal. XD
    Yeah, you have to know how to deal with women, otherwise, you're just screwing yourself over. Well, speaking of that wife, she's not really into games, and since that divorce, she's vowed never to make out with a gamer ever again.

    Speaking of console games, well...I only own a DS, sadly...my brother owns a PS3, but I don't play on his PS3 that much. I'm just happy with my DS and my PC. I mostly make RPG games when I have free time, and that's been the epitome of my high school popularity. Hell, even pretty girls want to play my game (this caught me off guard). Made with RPG Maker 2003, dialogue made by me, monsters ripped from other games, and whatnot. Now I use RPG Maker VX to make games, but it just feels different compared to RPG Maker XP...

    I also do artwork, but sadly, I'm not a CG artist.
    cutiefaecichi lol

    i'm about as cute as the bottom of a septic tank
    Yeah, that's me. =)

    But really, I don't play WoW, since it's actually caused social problems towards many people. Come to think of it, someone's wife divorced just because her husband prefers WoW over his wife? Come on...what is that guy thinking...?

    (BTW, I've posted a thread on that last February...Battlefranky was like 'Glad he didn't set himself on fire.')

    I'm just happy with Warcraft 3. Real-time strategy for the win. Plus, matches are like 15 minutes on average, so I'm happy with that.
    I ran out of funny juice so I can't think of anything else to say besides "ok"

    I'm also going to be taking new pictures of me

    Well, I've seen you around here many times, but as for me, I've been Lord Scalgon the entire time. I've been here for quite a long time, it's just that I don't post as much as usual. I usually post where I'm capable of posting, or if I find something interesting.
    It's the result of the new strict mods homie

    The man is crackin down on a brotha
    Also we have almost the same amount of profile views

    Yet you're so much popular than me on here.

    What is this I don't even
    No not on sppf it was on one of those "YOU'RE NOT ALONE" message boards and it had a suicide section.

    I went googling MewSkitty because I didn't want to look like a dick like this

    <Ichi> MewSkitty killed himself guys
    <MewSkitty> uhh..im right here
    <Ichi> ****

    but yeah that's where I saw it D: although a suicide thread on sppf would be most lol
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