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  • I was looking voer my introduction thread because I referred a user here so I sent him mine to give him an example... I'm like four months late, but I'm shooting you a VM. XD

    So... what's up?
    Yeah, they are slightly elusive in the original games.

    And the Pass-Who-Shalt-Not-Be-Named doesn't deserve to exist.
    I've met a few people here from Maryland...

    But I'm super used to humidity. I just took it as part of living in a state so close to the water (both the bay and the Atlantic). The wind was so strong yesterday and there were a lot of lightning strikes; I noticed a few fallen trees in my neighborhood.
    We just had another thunder storm too... It was really weird, because it was still completely sunny out. o_O
    At least the weather man here is calling for a cooldown...
    Dad, are you in space? *yes son, I am in space*. Dad, are you space? *yes son. I am space. Now we are a family again*.
    Well...there's Black Ops, which is sorta new, but I've had it for about a month and a half now. It is my newest game at the moment, and it's really fun. Zombies rocks.
    Yeah, pull weeds, landscape (rarely, but sometimes), till, pick food, stuff like that. It's almost relaxing to get to mow the lawn because it's less work. XD
    Whew, that is hot. Well, we've been out for about 3 weeks now. It's near 100 degrees, but not quite. Btw, working a garden in 100 degree weather sucks.
    I was just wondering if I could become a steel type gym leader or if there was a way I could become a gym leader.
    I'm not sure if you're keeping tabs on this, but I've changed up my Water Gym team a little...well, actually a lot. The old one lacked any kind of real synergy (lol, synergy on a monotype) which this new one should fix. Should I send you a PM of the team?
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