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  • no we are just active and communicate with each other and the clan battles within alot if you noticed how you have to rank up by battling
    Oh, that's unfortunate. Idk what I'd do without my PS3, lol.

    Aw, but Flonne's like the comic relief of the group!
    Ok, ive made a new team, hopefully this team doesnt suck, i think I know how to make a team now, so perhaps another try at Gym Leader? if the spots taken thats fine
    Ok I will talk to him, also do you ahve room for another breeder? I pride myself in my breeding and would love to help out the clan by providing well bred pokemon.
    Hey Sweep freak, I was wondering if you had room for me in your clan? Im going to fill out the form on the forum after im done with this message. However I would like to know a few things, how do I become a member who competes in wars? Also do I need a 5th gen game to compete in wars? I dont have one ATM but I will be getting one soon anyway, im going to fill out the form on the clan forum. Get back to me whenever thanks.
    yeah OTR Reuniclus is the bane of offensive teams since it's fast and bulky as hell in Trick Room and takes nothing from Sand Storm or Life Orb. Plus base 135 sp att or whatever it has.
    No problem Trick Room teams are my specialty so it wasn't like I had to think very hard to rate it. Sorry about the two Focus Blasts thing I was racing against the clock because House was going to be on in like 2 minutes when I was at Reuniclus and I just wanted to get it done, Trick Room obviously goes over one of the blasts.
    okay and p.s my one of my lvl 100 full ev trained teams is ready lol

    p.s.s my sig pwns yours
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