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  • yeah I apparently I wil not be able to download CS6 back because of its outdated program it was saying so I will be downloading cc instead which I did see there is alot more stuff on it I noticed like you said. I mostly just want to use everything it does what cs6 does so if it works like that still with all that new extra I guess I could do that one instead plus have no choice XD I guess that it was a sign that its time to upgrade when my first old laptop died >.> I am sure it will not be to much trouble for me to handle really...
    I got the new laptop a few days ago I just need to redownload a new photoshop program now not sure if it be able to get cs6 back if not maybe cc? I was looking at the main site have you heard anything about it? there avertising it like its newer then cs6...
    Thanks and will do actually :) I will try to keep a look out am I am born shiny hunter myself and love shiny pokes ^_^
    hey sweet may I ended up getting an new laptop should be coming in next week :3 and I will get photoshop download as soon as I can again. I also like to ask I understand this is a very touchy subject and I know about the rules of the club section but its been so long of this problem which I noticed everyone has calmed down about it but will the no shiny club rule ever gonna be uplifted? or it will stay the same? doesn't matter in my favor just thought to ask hope I don't get in trouble for it >.< I am just curious XD
    Hey Sweet May. I just wanted to ask a question about the Art Shop you're in. I was wondering if I had to provide art pieces for the banner or just give you an idea of what I wanted and let you go at it however you want.

    I submitted some face-offs awhile ago and I'm not sure whether to assume they were disapproved or just forgotten about since there was nothing posted about them in the Approved-disapproved thread. Schade told me to ask you about this

    (Before you assume I'm rushing you, I'm not, I'm just asking for a reason because those are usually provided and in my case there wasn't one)
    Life is full of ups and downs.Yesterday I was really good..had a lot's of fun.Today is republic day of India.But still without enjoying this holiday I have to read for tomorrow's exam..:( How about you?
    hey sweet may just a heads up I added you the front for less confusion for the customers for the shop so they know what you do as well as I put a warning about my current issue so they can request only from you for right now until my laptop's motherboard gets fixed. My boyfriend is in the process of helping me get this fixed. I am not sure how long it will be before everything is all good to go but I hope we can get that issue fixed a soon as I can.
    Hmm..contestshipping.I find it far more logical than advanceshipping.
    Sorry Ash,May has choosen her man!
    Nice to meet you!
    So what is your favorite episode?
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