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  • I wish you luck and do show me your results~

    Pretty much good. Kinda worried about this project I have to hand in on Monday but good luck on that exam tomorrow! Least you have a Japanese class to learn from.
    Yeah? I've sometimes had that itch to draw... you know what I mean? I shall have to check them out sometime. Maybe I can do that during my Christmas break time =D

    How have you been today? I spent the whole day studying for my Japanese final exam tomorrow x_x;; My head hurts, lol.
    Ohh, I see. At least you worked things out with your pen ^_^

    2006, eh? The not-so distant past. I didn't know there were tutorials there! You learn something new every day! ^^

    Have a good night~! =)
    So I keep hearing ;3 You left it alone for a whole year? aww :3 Still, 90 minutes, that's really good ^_^ I think it turned out quite nicely~

    Ah, I guess I could, since I keep hearing this "practice makes perfect" rumor =P And thank you ^_^

    How are you this fine evening? (I assume it's evening ^_^')
    Aww, I'm sure they were good ^_^ How long did it take, approximately? Hehehe, DA... I have one to stalk other artists with. I'm no good at making graphics :(

    Exactly ^_^ I'll change it closer to Christmas, though. I worked hard on this Christmas sig layout, lol.
    You're welcome~ did you really make it? You're very good :3

    Thank you ^_^ Yeah, I made it when I was feeling a little down. Not exactly the Christmas spirit, eh?
    Just posting a final thank you for helping me;) Would edit the member awards from my post and pout you in most helpful but the person who I already voted might have seen it so I don't want to make them hurt o anything.
    Its ok, I found the name its Peach22x
    Lucky I didn't need to go to the siteitself, it showed her name in history (Which I can also delete too), gonna put the picture in, tell me if it's okay for sure when I do
    Good point, I know it was Peach2 something.. There were more numbers after that, oh no I have to go back don't i? Don't get me wrong I don't mind nudity but it's different when you know it's not on a computer everyone uses..
    I asked another mod lol cuz I thought you got off.

    But thanks, I actually did track it down, to a Hentai site.. (The picture os fully clothed though), I can't contact the author and I prefer to not go back to the site, I mean if my sister looked at history or something well I could be dead, I might just look for another Cynthia picture, perhaps from the Anime.
    Hey, quick question: (You are the only mod on so I wanted to ask you), I found this Cynthia picture that I want to put in my sig but I don't know who to credit it to, the link just takes me to Quizalla a quiz site, which I don't know ifthe creator of the quiz is the owner of it. Can I just add it and say Credits Unknown?
    Hey SM, I'm wondering whether you're okay. Haven't seen ya around LJ/MSN so I'm wondering. Hope things are going along well for you!! We all miss ya~
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