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  • So let me introduce myself.My name is sweta. I am 15 years old.I am from India.My username is JessicaTR.Fav chatacters- Jessie and James.Least fav character- Misty.Favorite shipping- Rocketshipping. Shipping I dislike-Pokeshipping. Fav episode- Holy Matrimony.Favorite Pokemon- Meowth and wobbuffet of TR.I love to meet new people and make friends!You can share anything you want with me..:)
    So you support any shipping?
    Yeah I can go back to work it got better but still a tiny bit hurting still but I should be fine. Doctor said I need to take a pain reliever and occasionally heating pad to help sooth it to recovery which I have been doing. I made aaa announcement about adding you soon. I am sure everyone loves them :) because I do ^_^
    it a PM one were we control the same character and take turn writing what happen next it a easier style to do between two people.

    and yeah some stuff happen i dont mind telling you by pm.

    yeah sorry for not entering the secret santa just lately anything like pic making or fic making has been hard. i can't wirte how i want to it not just the passion i lost it the creative spark that one thing we creator need to work.
    hi what up.

    me nothing much trying to find a RP partner.

    i been away from serebi for along time. (been on from time to time but never active.) just took a break after some stuff happen
    Thanks sweet may and everyone's banners look great that's for doing the requests for me until everything gets better as well thank you I bruised my rib cage actually will be going back to work Tuesday. I need to that laptop as well fixed asap its strange without one of my own.
    Hey sweet may got a problem worse I end up falling and hitting my back hard so I can barely move was about to put your stuff today with my bf laptop but traveling up the steps is hard atm and its growing close to the 11th :/
    Okay sounds fine it may be a bit when I finally get back on with the laptop but I could try to edit with my boyfriends laptop and I will debut you in the shop. Also those banners looks good I am sure they will love them Thanks for helping out.
    Thanks and they look great in the pm ^_^ I can try to get them up soon unless you like to edit been busy again and sick now-_- I think it's the motherboard the computer will not turn on and start and my light keeps blinking. I tried that destatic thing but didn't work.
    Merry Chirstmas btw too ^_^

    I am glad your doing good, and yeah then probably then I would have to gain a worker because not sure if my laptop will be fixed by then which I am using my boyfriend's computer atm and on top of it need to re download photoshop on my new laptop that broke ._. I don't mind you being a worker at my shop until then :p I don't have much people on serebii anymore that do graphics anymore which that would be interested. I could take the offer if you want to of course ;) I could add you in if you accept it may be half added though because of the laptop problems but since you are a mod you could edit your stuff in it for me if you like to join the shop ;)
    hey sweet may how you doing? also not sure if you noticed as a heads up my computer broke down a few months ago and my art shop doesn't show up anymore when it does get fixed would it be alright if I post again the art work or should I direct the people that asked stuff from to to the link? I don't want to get in trouble like I am bumping like crazy >.< what is your suggestion?
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