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  • o_O Talk about srs business. I'm doing nothing comparatively, that is, mooching around and playing White. You got any of 'em games?

    And presentation of grotesque art? O_O_O
    Final chapter has been posted for a fair amount of time. Still though, I now can sympathize with the lack of time to do anything in college. So take your time, I'm sure you have a lot on your plate. :]
    Just want to let you know, next chapter is posted. I will message you again when the final chapter is released.
    My internet was equally dead this week. The next chapter should be posted soon. (I need a beta though...) and the final chapter should be posted before the 2nd.

    Thank you for the update though, I really appreciate it. I will definitely keep you posted. :]
    Sounds good to me. I'll letcha know when the final two are posted, and you can take your time with the reviews.

    I'd be glad to look over whatever you would like to show me, it would be a pleasure.
    Ah, don't worry yourself 'bout that :) Important stuff comes first, after all. But glad to know you'll be coming here more frequently in a while ^_^

    So it is, but my condition remains unchanged n_n
    It's been a long time, huh?

    A few months ago, you told me to tell you when The Sevii Islands Saga was nearing completion, so that when you had time, you could review. Well, there are only two chapters left, both of which are done, awaiting the proper time to be posted. I can safely say that the fic will be done before August 6th. I'm sure you're busy, and I'm sure you've got a lot of more important things on your mind, but before this is all over, you being my very first reviewer, and most of the reason I kept the fic going in those early stages, I would be honored if, for old time's sake, you could review.
    Ah there you are, been months since I saw you last :/

    And sorry to hear about that, hope things improve for you soon ^_^

    And I'm fine I guess. Just wasting time these days ^^;;
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