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Last Activity:
Jan 13, 2013
May 22, 2008
Likes Received:
November 29
On indefinite hiatus.
Beginner author, ameteur artist, full time student

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I lost the game?!?!, from On indefinite hiatus.

sweet_piplup123 was last seen:
Jan 13, 2013
    1. Knightfall
      Thanks for the update on things. I've long liked this fic, and I'm glad it'll be back eventually.
      Exams are hard, and I know I'll go through them soon enough, so good luck with them.

      I'll be keeping an eye out for your story on FF.net, my username there is Knightfall66 (original I know), so I'll leave a review when the story is posted.
      Again, you're a great author and this is a great story.
    2. Azurus
      Where can I find information on the progress for a rewrite? The fic was awesome, shame it wasn't done. Looking forward to more of your work.
    3. Knightfall
      Hello, I'm a new author on this site and I just saw that PMD: Gemstone was closed. I am a big fan of your fic and I hope that the rewrite goes well.
      Knightfall signing off...;005;
    4. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
    5. Nekaku
      Love Osha's reaction in your avatar lol
    6. Remorph
      Why is Dawn angry?
    7. kuzronk
      welcome back
    8. Black Marauder
      Black Marauder
    9. Brumrha
      Well, isn't there some sort of program that can help you with this sort of thing??
    10. Brumrha
      What the hell do you find so hard about advanced math??
    11. Azulart
      Hello u want to be my poke-girlfriend?

      So that we can raise a nidoran female and a man, and later on we will breed them
      and have a happy family :D
    12. Brumrha
      I take it that your schooling has all but consumed you...?

      Anyhow, I did find at least one little something, but I won't be able to actually nit-pick this on my laptop, since the touchpad on it has virtually no precision.
    13. sweet_piplup123
      I'm soooooo sorry everyone! School started a months ago, I'm now in senior high school and work is so f**king buzy. >_>
    14. RedMage
      hey you,whats new?
    15. Brumrha
      I've got a really good question: you didn't happen to celebrate Chinese New Year's earlier did you??
    16. TurtwigFan1
      Hey you, not talked to you in AGES. How you been?
    17. Brumrha
      At least you aren't bored to death, are you??
    18. Purplepassion
      Oh, yeah, I understand all the project stuff. Since school started, I've had my fair share of tests and projects myself lol.

      And also, I was just posting on the rate my sig thread and not doing anything else whenever I DID visit... ^^;
    19. Kurloz Makara
      Kurloz Makara
      XDDDDDDD Cute one. :3

      Nah, I'm good. X3

      How are you?
    20. Purplepassion
      *spits out drink*

      Wow, it's you! I didn't really check the blog recently because you guys were inactive for a while. Or at least, that's when I last checked...
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  • About

    November 29
    On indefinite hiatus.
    Beginner author, ameteur artist, full time student
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Sorry, what was that?

    I've got lots of hobbies... don't make me list them all!



    Surfing through the waves, diving deep into the sea,
    playing along the beach, having fun all day long.