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Recent content by SwiftGrovyle

  1. SwiftGrovyle

    Community POTW #081

    Guys, I love you, but this week’s mistake is just goofy: “Golurk finds itself shoehorned into a defensive role in Singles, with Steam Engine and Weakness Policy being too unreliable as not every team carries a Water move and the general difficulty of surviving a Water attack in the first...
  2. SwiftGrovyle

    Community POTW #059

    Before we begin, I would like to bring up that Kantonian Slowking CANNOT learn Eerie Spell... Eiscue. The Penguin who walked into your freezer thinking that it was a magical door home, only to have an ice tray fall on its head. Honestly, I would love to come up with additional options for...
  3. SwiftGrovyle

    Community POTW #010

    Lol you guys know if I’m here someone messed up on the latest. This is the first set you put up: Movesets Choice Scarf -U-Turn -Nuzzle -Zing Zap -Iron Head / Volt Switch Item Attached: Lightning Rod / Iron Barbs Ability: Serene Grace EVs and Nature: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Speed Jolly Nature...
  4. SwiftGrovyle

    Community POTW #144

    Two things(why else would I be here unless there was a recent mistake?) #1 “Kyogre itself only shines on an Ubers Rain team similar to Groudon with Drizzle, but the bigger difference is Primal Groudon will render those teams mute due to Primordial Sea, and Rain has other good setters unlike Sun...
  5. SwiftGrovyle

    Community POTW #088

    Two things: 1. Carbink potw has errors! (Otherwise I wouldn't be here) Magic Guard is an ability, not a attack. You are thinking of Magic Coat, judging from the description used in the first set. 2. Additional options: Assault Vest- Volcarona's Special defense is high, and it's typing...
  6. SwiftGrovyle

    Community POTW #037

    Before we do that, (if you see me come back to this you know there's serious typos in the last one) "Team building & Matchup Solgaleo - Solgaleo pairs well with Torkoal due Solgaleo’s problem with Darks. While Torkoal can't really flat counter them, it can force them away with its strong...
  7. SwiftGrovyle

    Legendaries Speculation/Discussion Thread

    FAIL! Seriously though, you are in a section of a forum, that is all about speculation, and people's thoughts. I can understand you want to wait, but don't comment too. That makes you look like a fool. Think twice next time. On your other thoughts, you don't have any argument against me...
  8. SwiftGrovyle

    Legendaries Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Ok guys, news to everyone, the picture is fan-made. The third picture IS PROOF!! Look at it. The one with the group of pokemon next to it. The one that just so happens to be seriously wrinkled(no that's not the proof). If you look closely at the Conkledur, you will notice something- the...
  9. SwiftGrovyle

    Community POTW #104

    Ok, guys, I'll be back, but just a notice, you forgot counters for last week, Beartic. And that should be done soon.
  10. SwiftGrovyle

    Community POTW #96

    Hey guys, I'm back! So, Throh huh? Other options Body slam is a given. Every single time. Pain split wasn't really mentioned that often, and with a high hp, a little difficult to control. Reversal is an option, but with weather flying and statuses dropping left and right, not really...
  11. SwiftGrovyle

    Community POTW #92 - Special

    I will be back to post something. Just leaving a footnote about the last potw that needs to be corrected. Rhyhorn gets double edge from dream world. I know it shouldn't matter, because it's useless, but I don't want to make this site say two completely opposite things, 'cause that...
  12. SwiftGrovyle

    Community POTW #89 - Special #4

    The following statement is true, but lolzy. Ok, all of you, listen up, because even though we have ditto, we still have to be serious. Some of you think that just running 252 hp and picking a crappy selection of stats is all for ditto, ever since imposter came out, and even before then...
  13. SwiftGrovyle

    Community POTW #88

    Ah, Venosaur, the one grass starter I never had. Sub Leech seed Giga drain Hp ice/ fire/ Toxic/ sleep powder But one thing I do know about this guy- never can fully get out of old habits. Subseed is a classic thing for Venosaur, since Gen I. But with Chlorophyll, he has the speed...
  14. SwiftGrovyle

    Community POTW #86

    Wow, I was wrong. Still, my other previously stated point isn't true fact yet. We can only hope Drapion gets Storm throw from Pinser. Doubles This guy is crazy. Rock slide, earthquake, can take hits... Nothing already previously said. Except for one- Accupressure. Very potent stuff...
  15. SwiftGrovyle

    Community POTW #86

    Yay, Drapion! One of my Favs! From RU to even OU, he is awesome. Battle armour, one of the best defensive abilities, and combine that with only one weakness, with Defences to take even super hard hits. In other words, this guy is a cockroach of a bug. Sniper, is a good offensive ability...